Cougars-Wildcats predictions by WSU celebs and CF.C staff

MILTON NEAL, Washington State’s director of equipment operations, has been managing Cougar gear for nearly 23 years. You would think such a lengthy term of distinguished service would render him safe from the barbs of a member of the Fat Five. You would be wrong.

Arizona is 2-6.  They are not good.  But be sure to stay tuned for the halftime show. My sources tell me UA equipment manager Wendell Neal and his brother -- WSU equipment guru Milton Neal -- are participating in a topless jiu-jitsu match on the 50-yard line.  None who witness it will ever be the same.  As for the game, the best contribution the University of Arizona has given society is the movie, Revenge of the Nerds.  Unless The Ogre comes out of retirement, the Cougs are going to lay the smack down on those WildKittens on Saturday.  Look out for No. 21, however, he has Cougar blood in his veins;  ‘Zona safety Isaiah Hayes is the son of No. 22, the great Cougar defensive back Chris Hayes.  But this game gets ugly early and ends up a lopsided win for Ol’ Crimson. 
WSU 48, Arizona 21
-- Ryan McShane, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

I think the sold out crowd for a day game in Pullman, and the energy the Cougs will have at home, will make for a fun night afterwards for the Cougs and their fans.  Again, WSU has got to stop getting Luke Falk hit -- run the ball and win the battle up front on Saturday!  I'm excited for a fun game in Pullman -- Arizona doesn't like playing in Pullman ... I predict WSU wins by 20. Go Cougs!
WSU 34, Arizona 14
-- Rob Rainville, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

If Arizona had Tedy Bruschi and Big Joe Salave'a roaming the trenches like they did when we played, then I would say the Cougs would have their work cut out for them. But they don't!
WSU 38 , Arizona 20
-- Jason McEndoo, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

The Desert Swarm gets chilled in the fall Palouse air. The Cougs come out firing at home, and the No. 25-ranked team in the land rips off a 25-point win.
WSU 38, Arizona 13
-- Jed Collins, WSU tight end 2004-08 and CF.C contributor

The Cougs will be excited to get back home after two straight road games. They’ll take advantage of the home cooking and being able to sleep in their own beds. The Cougs get another big win and remain perfect in Pac-12 play.
WSU 42, Arizona 17
-- Alex Brink, Cougar QB 2004-07

Weather looks to be decent, which will allow Luke Falk to operate in peak form. Looking for the Cougar D to reassert itself early and shake off last week’s first half lapse.
WSU 45, Arizona 17
-- Jack Thompson, Wazzu Legend

WSU gets off to a fast start with a 1 pm kickoff. The Cougar D makes a statement early, making up for last week, and the Air Raid continues to fire on all cylinders. #GoCougs #KeepItGoing
WSU 28, Arizona 10
-- Jeremiah Allison, WSU linebacker 2012-15

Arizona, with all its injuries, cannot begin to cover the outstanding receiver corps of the Cougars.
WSU 41, Arizona 24
-- Jim Walden, former WSU head coach & WSU radio analyst

A 1 pm start to a Cougar game -- how about that? Cougs get to play in the sunshine for what feels like the first time ever this season. When you have two QBs splitting time, when you don’t have an established starter, as is the case with Arizona, that’s problematic. Too many injuries for the Wildcats to overcome. Cougs have bigger plans for down the road but they have to keep winning and best way to do that is to keep focusing on one play at a time. The Cougs roll, one play at a time, on Saturday.
WSU 42, Arizona 24
-- Paul Sorensen, All-America WSU safety and CF.C contributor

While it's a sign of progress, WSU is facing a classic trap game Saturday. The Cougs' final three games will get increasingly more difficult.  Apple Cup talk is already bubbling and Arizona is reeling. But if RichRod rides the legs, and not the arm, of Brandon Dawkins -- and WSU naps early at home -- the 'Cats could keep this close. Pick WSU to win another nail biter.
WSU 32, Arizona 27
-- Mike Olson, Digital Senior Manager

Rich Rodriguez postgame: “When does basketball start?”
WSU 45, Arizona 17
--Jason Puckett, KJR radio host

No math required in this one. Finally, Cougar fans don’t spend the final drive adding up 40 second play clocks to figure out if WSU can take a knee. This Arizona defense is not the Desert Swarm of old. Former B8 power LaCrosse-Washtucna, the mighty Tigercats, had better defenses back in the day than does Arizona’s 2016 group.
WSU 42, Arizona 24
-- Ian Furness, KJR radio host

The Cougs see the sun for the first time in ages with a 1 pm kickoff. But it takes them a while to acclimate in the first half. Still, they have the game put away by the time the third quarter ends. The Wazzu run game returns to the fore with another impressive multi-TD outing.
WSU 31, Arizona 10
-- Zach Anders, Correspondent

The Cougs win easy, but not without giving up a few explosive plays that give the Wildcats points and respectability. Wazzu running back trio has a big day, combining for four scores on the ground, while Cougar QB Luke Falk throws for three more.
WSU 49, Arizona 21
-- Skyler Cracraft, Correspondent

Arizona’s season hangs in the balance. With their bowl hopes hanging by a thread, they can and will give the Cougs all they can handle. The difference in this one comes down to WSU having learned how to win the close ones, while ‘Zona has not. Wazzu’s three-headed monster running game will move the chains and grind out the necessary second half yardage to win the day.
WSU 38, Arizona 28
-- Lew Wright, Associate Editor

A win over No. 25 WSU is something Arizona wants desperately. And the road team has won every game in this series since 2009. But at the moment, Arizona is operating with too many spare parts to hang with the Cougs through all four quarters.
WSU 41, Arizona 21
-- Matt Moore, Analyst

In front of a sold out crowd at Martin Stadium, all the dads on hand will have reasons aplenty to relive the glory days as Luke Falk and Jamal Morrow put up big numbers. The Cougs win their seventh straight, but the Wildcats make it interesting late.
WSU 31, Arizona 24
-- Braulio Perez, Associate Editor/Recruiting Guru

RichRod had the chance to put away the Huskies in the Pac-12 conference opener by going for two at the end but chose to play it safe and lost. A mistake like that should land a guy in front of a misguided conduct board. Led by a healthy offensive line and a flying-around front seven on D, WSU will serve as judge, jury and executioner on Saturday.
WSU 35, Arizona 14
-- -Ryan Witter, lifelong Cougar fan and son of Greg Witter, Executive Editor

WSU pulls away but long before the clock hits zeros, University of Arizona President Ann Weaver Hart, with Kirk Schulz’s blessing, sucks all the joy out of a college football Saturday in declaring Arizona has been awarded a “Pass” grade, and that the game is over.  Without a clear cut winner, controversy erupts in the rankings and polls and after weeks of discussion among the powers-that-be, it ultimately costs the Cougs a berth in the Rose Bowl. Somewhere in American Samoa, a 5-year-old boy cries and asks a simple question no adult is able to answer: Why?
WSU 40, Arizona 24
-- Barry Bolton, Managing Editor


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