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Coug Confidential: Former-players rave about WSU's complete game victory over an out-manned Arizona

As you'd probably guess, Cougar Pride radiates from former Washington State players when making comments about the way the Cougs sent Arizona packing Saturday. Here's what Deron Pointer, Rod Retherford, Tim Stallworth and Pat Rooney thought about the play of Wazzu and the team's progress.

Deron Pointer (1991-1993)

Tough to critique a blow out, but it's fun to watch! Where do I start? Not with the first ‘Zona offensive play which thankfully got called back. Total team effort and win. Man, the Cougs looked as good as Arizona looked, well... The O-line should get a game ball for keeping Luke Falk clean and opening holes for the running backs to get to the second level. Defense played hard but still had to scream at the TV for them to make some solo tackles. Gabe Marks again showed why he is the best receiver in school history and the second toughest player to wear No. 9 for Washington State (Note: Deron Pointer wore No. 9 during his playing days in Pullman). Tavares Martin, Jr had a great game along with River Cracraft. Great win and looking forward to next week!

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Rod Retherford (1981-1982, ‘81 Holiday Bowl team)

Saturday’s matchup of Wazzu and ‘Zona was a great game and a great day to be a Coug! Now for the game. WSU had a quick wakeup call at the start when an Arizona touchdown was called back. And boy did we wake up! The offense was awesome which kept the Cougar defense off the field a lot. When the  D was on the field they really got it done. We forced three turnovers with two interceptions and a fumble recovery. CB Treshon Broughton got his first career pick which is a moment he will never forget. Good job Treshon. The pressure was put on ‘Zona’s offense by the Cougs’ front seven all day. I saw great form tackles, wrapping up and aggressive swarming with everyone wearing crimson and gray running to the ball. What's impressive is the way our YOUNG DB's are covering receivers with the confidence and aggressiveness of third and fourth year players. When the final score is 69-7 in WSU’s favor, this the new "COUG’D IT" and today we COUG’D THE HELL OUT OF IT! My take away today is this Cougar team is a complete and A VERY DANGEROUS crew. Yep, we are that good. Saturday we saw a complete game. Some might disagree and say we still made mistakes. But wait, I said a complete game, not a flawless one. I make saddles for a living and I always try to make that perfect flawless saddle, but there's a lot to it. Seems like I always make a small mistake somewhere but you won't notice it on a running horse. Likewise there is a lot to four quarters of a football game and we will never play a flawless game but you won't notice a few little flaws in a 69-7 butt kickin’ like we saw Saturday. Flawless, maybe not. A complete game, HELL YES , with an huge exclamation point put on the end of it with Peyton Pelluer’s monster hit! GET SOMETHING COUGS, it’s yours for the takin’.

Note: Rod Retherford shared with CF.C some of the flavor of this game in Pullman. He mentioned it was great to meet Momma Cracraft and River Cracraft after the game along with Cody O'Connell’s dad. Rod enjoyed chewing the fat with Cougar legend Jack Thompson. A couple of his former teammates Scott Pelluer (Peyton’s dad) and Ed Blunt were hanging around as well. Yes, Cougar Nation is one big family.

Tim Stallworth (1986- 1989) Kennedy Catholic HS coach

What a game! From start to finish the Cougars dominated Arizona. From my chair, WSU’s “balanced attack” and the way they moved the ball was improved over previous games. All of our receivers and running backs contributed to a blowout victory. Both sides of the ball played with great energy. Congratulations to Gabe Marks on becoming Washington State’s all-time reception and touchdown leader. And a tip of my hat to Tyler Hilinski to River Cracraft on that 71-yard touchdown pass and catch showing depth of this team. While I’m congratulating outstanding performance I have to add the overall transformation of the players and coaches after our 0-2 start. Two more games until Apple Cup, but can’t overlook Cal and Colorado. Keep up the great work. Go Cougars!

Pat Rooney (2007-2009) Bay League Champion El Segundo HS (9-1) asst. coach

Yesterday's game was amazing to watch. It's great to see the Cougars progressing each week, which is the main goal of any football team. They keep making more strides forward without looking back. More important was seeing the skill and composure of the freshman who got on the field toward the end of the game. Last night showed Cougar Nation the ability of part of our future with Tyler Hilinski. Also, an amazing job was turned in on the defensive side of the ball. Arizona was unable to do anything on offense. I really feel like the Cougars are now playing with “no fear” mentality. They are playing a “win this play" attitude and battle each snap in all aspects of the game. In terms of passing, running, special teams, and defense, they just refuse to lose the battle each snap. GO COUGS!

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