Cougars-Bears predictions by WSU celebs and CF.C staff

THE OVER/UNDER from Vegas on Washington State-Cal is right around 84 points. There are some in our panel of WSU celebrities and CF.C staff who say go ahead, take the over. But the majority see a lower-scoring game.

Pictured above: Charleston White vs. Cal in 2015.

The hippies from Berkeley cry in their cornflakes on Saturday. They don't have a plan, or a defense, and the Cougs win their eighth in a row. Let's all unite, America. Make Pullman great again.
WSU 56, Cal 28
-- Ryan McShane, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Ol’ Crimson is flying high this season -- as is the Coug offense!  I see the momentum continuing to grow this week against a struggling Cal team. After last week’s beat down of the Wildcats, I don’t see why the Cougs can’t do the same against the Bears.
WSU 42, Cal 21
-- Jason McEndoo, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Can’t wait to see the Cougs continue on their path to a Pac-12 championship, when Cal comes to town. I predict the Cougs win big.  Cal will hate the cold and complain, while the boys from the Palouse will be out there loving every minute of it. As always, it is won up front -- and this week is no different. Go Cougs! #fatfive
WSU 48, Cal 14
-- Rob Rainville, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Cal’s hopes are intercepted as the WSU defense comes away with three big INTs. Wazzu rolls to a late night victory.
WSU 45, Cal 24
-- Jed Collins, WSU tight end 2004-08 and CF.C contributor

Cal gave up 66 points last week. The only difference this week will be Mike Leach won't leave his starting QB in to pad his stats and grovel for a Heisman. Cougs win big.
WSU 66, Cal 21
-- Ian Furness, KJR radio host

With the Cal secondary in such disarray, the Cougars should again score at will.
WSU 56, Cal 17
-- Jim Walden, former WSU head coach & WSU radio analyst

Falk and Webb, Air Raid and Bear Raid, this could be a lot of fun. The home crowd and surging Cougar D will spell the difference.
WSU 42, Cal 24
-- Ryan Witter, lifelong Cougar fan and son of Greg Witter, CF.C Executive Editor

As president of the James Williams Fan Club, I see him carrying the ball 12 times for 101 yards with 2 TDs. WSU smokes out Cal.
WSU 45, Cal 27
-- Jason Puckett, KJR radio host

The Cougs continue chasing perfection and having fun while doing it. The WSU offense on Saturday is firing on all cylinders and the Coug D gets it done #GoCougs #KeepItGoing
WSU 41, Cal 7
-- Jeremiah Allison, WSU linebacker 2012-15

Cal puts ups points and moves the ball against the Cougs … but Cal’s defense can't stop the WSU Air Raid attack. This is a really bad Bear D!  The good news: WSU won't need a late field goal to win this game, the Cougs roll to their eighth straight win and move closer to the battle for the Pac-12 North crown, otherwise known as the Apple Cup.
WSU 49, Cal 34
-- Paul Sorensen, All-America WSU safety and CF.C contributor

Abysmal defensive numbers aside, Cal is the scariest 4-5 team in the country and this is Pac-12 football, so on any given Saturday … That said, if the Cougs keep the mistakes to a minimum and stay committed to a close run/pass ratio, Ol’ Wazzu will take the day.
WSU 62, Cal 27
John Witter, Managing Editor Emeritus

Luke Falk and his crew will be on cruise control in this game. And the defense will still be in 'pissed off' mode ...  No. 92. 
WSU 48, Cal 14
Jack Thompson, Wazzu legend

The Cougar D plays light out and the offense rumbles for 200-plus yards on the ground again!
WSU 42, Cal 17
Alex Brink, Cougar QB 2004-07

Eight straight wins for WSU? It's going to happen Saturday. Luke Falk surpasses 400 yards and tosses 5 TDs.
WSU 48, Cal 21
-- Braulio Perez, Associate Editor/Recruiting Guru

Cal makes this close because of its balanced attack. Mike Leach counters with his version of a balanced offense. Cougs run for 200-plus yards while Falk works the Air Raid to perfection throwing for another 350-plus yards. Tired, exhausted Bears look for somewhere to hibernate in the fourth quarter with the Cougar D frustrating and dominating them.
WSU 45, Cal 31
-- Lew Wright, Associate Editor

Cal will find it tough to score in Pullman, where a Cougar defense firing on all cylinders enjoys a multi-turnover night. The Cougs can keep the hype-train rolling with another rout of a Pac-12 program and after Arizona, there's no reason to think Falk and Co. doesn't do it again.
WSU 45, Cal 17
-- Zach Anders, correspondent

Overall I would rank Cal's personnel a half grade lower than WSU, but this is undoubtedly a powerful offense.  Cal's defense was expected to be bad this year, but things have gotten completely out of control. Whoever wins the turnover battle probably wins the game.
WSU 49, Cal 40
-- Matt Moore, Analyst

Washington State is going to run big on Cal and WSU is going to pass big on Cal.  The Bears can’t stop the Cougs on offense unless the Cougs stop themselves. The difference in this game will be that Cal’s offense will have more trouble with WSU’s D, than WSU will have with Cal’s. 
WSU 45, Cal 20
-- Skyler Cracraft, Beat Writer

I can see a tension-filled shootout that could go either way … and I can see a WSU blowout. The No. 1 key to this game will be how much heat Wazzu gets on Cal quarterback Davis Webb. He is a heck of a QB and given time in the pocket, Cal will put up lots of yards and points on anyone. But I see the Cougar D solving Cal, later in the game, and pulling away on the strength of a confidence-damaging crimson pass rush.
-- Barry Bolton, Managing Editor
WSU 55, Cal 34

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