3 Cougs reflect on River Cracraft’s Washington State legacy

PULLMAN – It wasn’t your normal Washington State weekly presser. Three Cougar players, Luke Falk, Gabe Marks and Darrien Molton, took to the podium and among the usual questions, reflected on the WSU career of River Cracraft that ended on Saturday to a torn ACL.

The players also talked about how they plan to keep their 8-game win streak alive at Colorado on Saturday (12:30 Pacific, Fox).

Falk, a workaholic himself, spoke of his deep admiration for Cracraft’s work ethic, love of the game and dedication to his craft.

“He’s an awesome teammate and an awesome player and I wish him the best. I know he’s going to make a speedy recovery. He's a stud and I know he’s going to overcome this and come out on the other side even better.

"River is definitely a silent leader. He leads by example and he just does everything the right way. You look at a guy that you want somebody to model after, he’d be the guy. He just does everything the coaches ask him and even more some. He’s always constantly doing the little things that it takes to be a great football player.”

Marks said he remembers telling Cracraft that he overworks himself and that; “Its okay, you’re good enough, lets go home and watch some football or something or play a game."

Marks said that football is Cracraft's life and that he always tried to be an advocate for him to pick up new hobbies because in Marks' mind, all Cracraft would talk about was running routes and catching footballs.

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