Swift reaction on Robert Barber ruling: Mike Leach, trio of WSU notables at the forefront of Barber issue

REACTION IS pouring into CF.C after Whitman County Superior Court judge David Frazier today effectively reinstated Robert Barber in school and allowed him to return to football team. In addition to Jack Thompson, to be featured in a separate article, we have reaction from Mike Leach and three WSU luminaries who have been at the forefront of the fight to get Robert Barber reinstated to the university and football program. Here's what they're saying.

I applaud the judge's decision. Robert is an important member of our team and it is great to have him back.
- Mike Leach

The stay means the sanctions stop and there will now be a hearing on the merits where a judge issues a final decision on Robert’s petition for review. That won’t be until sometime in 2017.  And the stay also means that the judge thinks Robert has a substantial probability of prevailing on the merits.  WSU can't prevent Robert from attending school or playing football so long as he observes the judge's very reasonable constraints on his conduct.
-Arne Hedeen, APIC attorney and WSU graduate

Note: CF.C's Zach Anders reports the terms of the stay prevent Barber from contacting the student injured at the July melee and abstain from consuming alcohol, using drugs or attending alcohol-related functions.

There's a great quote from Martin Luther King that says; Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. I think we've seen, through Cougar Nation's reaction and everything that's happened, that this wasn't right.
- Jill Osur, one of the leaders of WSU football team’s parent association – CougFam – and mother of OL Noah Osur-Myers

The clear public interest to the people of Washington is to have students back in class and let the criminal justice system run its course.  I'm delighted that the judge recognized the clear procedural problems with the WSU SCB and let Robert Barber continue his studies and his college experience. I hope everyone involved gets to back in the classroom too. Lives shouldn't be permanently ruined by an unnecessary and out of control WSU SCB.
-  Michael Baumgartner, State Senator

We certainly respect today’s decision by the Whitman County Superior Court. With Robert being reinstated as a student in good standing, he will be afforded all the privileges as his fellow students, including the opportunity to complete his degree and participate with the Cougar football team. As for his playing status, that will be determined by Coach Leach. As there is still a legal matter pending, I will have no further comment on this situation.
- Bill Moos, WSU AD

It's still a little concerning to me that on social media this morning President Schulz' wife, Noel Schulz, made a comment along the lines of 'If there are issues, we care about doing the best thing.' And I  really hope that they stop with the rhetoric of saying 'IF' there are issues. It's widely know that there are issues. We know there are issues. We need to address the issues. And there are more issues that we (CougFam) will be bringing out this week. 
- Jill Osur

At the conclusion of Robert’s hearing, Danielle Hess (WSU Senior Assistant Attorney General) came up to me and told me she looks forward to working with me and other alumni to address the issues in WSU’s student conduct board and appeals process. And alumni may approach the university and its regents again and request they stay conduct board proceedings until those issues are addressed.
- Arne Hedeen

There is another football player (Logan Tago) who has had a very serious injustice done to him. And we feel that with the inequity, lack of diversity and cultural awareness on the Student Conduct Board, that these student-athletes from American Samoa are being unfairly treated.  Until the school recognizes and acknowledges there are many issues here, and not just for student-athletes, we're not going to move forward. And the school needs to move forward to heal, and to make all students all colors, races, ethnicities and of different backgrounds feel welcomed.
- Jill Osur

The university had a duty to follow its own rules and to preserve the record, and that record included the questions Robert requested to be asked. There are issues of veracity.
- Arne Hedeen

It was so refreshing to see that the judge did not take a neutral position ... because when you stay neutral in situations of injustice, you've chosen the side of the oppressor. I really hope Washington State University and President Kirk Schulz look at this, look at the process, and implement some serious changes.
- Jill Osur

I’m pleased and relieved. I’m really happy for Robert. Robert was stoic afterwards and looked to me to be anxious to get back in class and on the football field. My reactions was one of satisfaction, after seeing the American Samoa community come together and support Robert, and having worked together with some great Cougars on Robert’s behalf, and just in hearing from so many great people in the Cougar Nation. Young people should get the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and I’m glad Robert will get that opportunity without a punitive sanction.
- Arne Hedeen


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