Dean of students & WSU leadership refuse requests for comment, clarification on the question of 'little pricks'

NOW THAT Robert Barber and Logan Tago have been reinstated, perhaps CF.C can finally get an answer to a question we've been asking the administration at Washington State for more than two weeks: Did WSU’s dean of students like a since-deleted Facebook post that referred to students as “little pricks” and, if so, what explanation does WSU offer for that action?

Our timing could not have been worse. Just hours after had conducted a Q&A with Melynda Huskey, WSU’s interim vice president of student affairs and dean of students, an image surfaced of a January 7 Facebook post showing Huskey liking a comment in which students are dubbed "little pricks." It can be found in a tweet by Britton Ransford of CougCenter that we have linked at the bottom of this page.

CF.C immediately sent an email to WSU spokesperson Rob Strenge requesting comment and clarification.  An additional request was sent to Huskey directly. More emails were sent the next morning, reiterating our request.


Over a seven-day period, sent five emails to Strenge and four to Huskey directly requesting comment and clarification.  To date, we have received but one terse reply, seven days ago.  Here it is, bracketed by our comments.

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The tweet by Britton Randford, a couple of clicks will get to the full image: CLICK HERE.

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