Cougars-Buffalos predictions by WSU celebs and CF.C staff

IT'S A COUGFAN.COM FIRST, and it tells you just how big a game this Pac-12 matchup of top 20 teams is going to be Saturday. With WSU-Colorado (12:30 pm, Fox) on tap, it marks the first time this season all five members of the Fat Five have submitted picks to CF.C. Here's how our entire panel of WSU celebrities and CF.C staff see it playing out.

Here is some knowledge that will change your life: I really like this Cougar O-Line and two things that stand out. The center, Riley Sorenson, is smart. And his body shape reminds of Lee Harrison, circa 1997.  And going to Colorado reminds me of the movie Dumb And Dumber, where the beer flows like wine.  If the boys up front want to play and fight this weekend, then the Cougs will win.  I see both the WSU o-line and d-line winning in the trenches, and the Cougs winning by 10 points.   But I am nothing if not thorough: if the Cougs don't want to rip the Buffs' face masks off for all four quarters, then WSU only wins by 3.
WSU 38, Colorado 28
Cory Withrow, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Playing at Colorado was my first start ever,  I must have used the restroom 20 times.  Going on the field and seeing Slick Rick Neuweasel and that big ass buffalo, playing on NBC ... I will never forget it.  We didn't get the win that day, and I think it's payback this time for the Cougs. I think the Cougs will put it all together, upset  Colorado and move up the rankings headed into the Apple Cup. I predict a 21-point win. Go Cougs! Rainy
WSU 42, Colorado 21
-- Rob Rainville, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Two great defenses will be on the field Saturday afternoon.  Both offenses will score, but this won’t be as high scoring a game as WSU fans are used to.  Speaking of high, the student section in Colorado may eat some bad edibles and with a bad case of the munchies, they might try to eat Butch. Beware, Butch.  And while Ralphie wins in a head-to-head vs. Butch, the Cougs win the game on the field by four points. By the way, my crystal ball says ... Cougs vs. USC in Santa Clara for the Pac-12 title.  It also says … the Cougs play ‘Bama as the No. 4 seed in the playoffs.  I have spoken, and I am the law. Welcome back, Robert Barber.
WSU 31, Colorado 27
-- Ryan McShane, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

I'm with Rainville, the game between the Buffs-Cougs this weekend has been 20 years in the making. The Cougs have played well on the road and will keep it going in Boulder, knocking off the No. 10-ranked team in the country (which will help the Cowboys as well)!  Go Cougs. Go Cowboys.
WSU 45, Colorado 24
-- Jason McEndoo, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman, Oklahoma State assistant coach

You get this O-Line rolling off the ball and pushing the front seven around ... and Colorado is in for a long day. If the Cougs rush for over 100 yards then it’s a big win. And yeah, I threw a field goal score in there too cause it's ALL coming together now!
WSU 45, Colorado 28
-- Lee Harrison, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

The Coug D gets after the Colorado QB early and shuts down the running game, making CU one dimensional. The Air Raid continues to chase perfection and the three-headed monster that is the WSU running back corps comes up HUGE. Do I smell another special teams runback from Robert Taylor or Kaleb Fossum?  #GoCougs #KeepItGoing
WSU 35, Colorado 14
-- Jeremiah Allison, WSU linebacker 2012-15

Robert Barber returns to give the Buffs O-line a haircut, and the Cougar defense plays inspired. Cougs battle it out and come away with one of the biggest road victories in program history. Cougs feeling fine with the streak going to nine!
WSU 28, Colorado 24.
-- Jed Collins, WSU tight end 2004-08 and CF.C contributor

Colorado and Wazzu are almost twins in regard to their season vs. common opponents. If this was a home  game I would pick WSU by 3-5 points. Since it's a road game I'm going to pick CU.  I hope I'm wrong but there it is.
Colorado 35, WSU 31
-- Jim Walden, former WSU head coach & WSU radio analyst

The Cougs stampede the Buffaloes thanks to the high-altitude passing of Luke Falk, and Robert Barber's return forces a rocky offensive performance from CU.
WSU 27, Colorado 23
--Jason Puckett, KJR radio host

Boulder. Close to where they brew Keystone, right? That HAS to be good karma for the Cougs. Gabe Marks is great, as always. Kyle Sweet, John Thompson and Robert Lewis step up in absence of No. 21. Cougs win a close one.
WSU 31, CU 27
Ian Furness, KJR radio host

WSU and Colorado are the future powers of their respective Pac-12 divisions. Buffs have a slightly better defense, whereas the Cougs hold the advantage on offense. In the Leach era, Wazzu has played better on the road than at home. Shalom Luani comes up huge with an INT plus a fumble recovery leading to late field goal by Erik Powell.
WSU 31, Colorado 28
-- Lew Wright, Associate Editor

The Cougs come in soaring, their spirits high with Robert Barber back. However, an equally effective Colorado offense keeps everyone in suspense -- all the way into overtime. Look for both defenses to give up huge chunks of change in what will be embarrassingly great games for both passers.
WSU 52, Colorado 45 in OT
Zach Anders, Correspondent

WSU comes out flat on both sides of the ball early, giving up easy points on defense while stumbling out of the gates on offense. The Cougs turn things around and start to click late in the first half, but Colorado matches their play the rest of the way. Luke Falk puts together a legendary fourth quarter, game-winning drive that ends with a Gabe Marks go ahead TD. Cougs win.
WSU 42, Colorado 38
-- Skyler Cracraft, Correspondent

 It'll take WSU a half of football to find its offensive rhythm without River Cracraft, as Colorado and its league-leading pass defense keys on Gabe Marks. Look for a Coug rally to fall short on the road.
Colorado 29, WSU 26
-- Mike Olson, Digital Senior Manager

Can WSU make it nine straight wins? This road contest at Colorado will be tough, no question. But when you're hot, you're hot. Jamal Morrow has three total touchdowns, while Luke Falk surpassed 375 yards once again. WSU 31, Colorado 28
-- Braulio Perez, Associate Editor/Recruiting Guru

I'm having flashbacks to 1981, when the Cougs set the tone for an incredible season with a dramatic win at Colorado. In that one, Jeff Keller and Paul Sorensen teamed up for a punt block/TD return that won the game for the Cougs. I think this one is going to be tight too -- but with more points on the board -- and the two guys who have been tag teaming for turnovers all year, Shalom Luani and Peyton Pelluer, will be the modern-day Keller and Sorensen.
WSU 35, Colorado 28
Greg Witter, Executive Editor

What Colorado does so very well: they wear you down. CU doesn’t “dominate” the opponent on defense the way it looks on paper, they just play sound, assignment football. CU has a very good QB and RB. And CU crushes mistakes made by the opponent -- the Cougar front seven needs to help out the secondary or Sefo Liufau will make hay.  But CU’s offensive line did not look the part last week for a team ranked No. 12. And there is enough space in the CU defense for Luke Falk, the Cougar running backs and wide receivers to make some moves. The worry is that WSU will “win” five plays in a row, but then the sixth is won by Colorado and it’s a big win.  But I see the Cougs getting stronger as the game goes on.
WSU 38, Colorado 27
Barry Bolton, Managing Editor

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