Logan Tago pleads not guilty, trial date set: But felony charge means no game participation per WSU policy

LOGAN TAGO pleaded not guilty on Friday, Tago's attorney Steve Martonick tells The second-year sophomore was reinstated to the university and the football team on Thursday, but until the legal process is concluded, Washington State policy is that he won't be able to play in games.

Tago's trial date was set for Jan. 23.  Certificates of Readiness (attesting parties are ready to go to trial) are due Jan. 13.

Tago has been charged with second degree felony robbery and fourth degree misdemeanor assault. The charges stem from Tago's allegedly assaulting a student and stealing a six pack of beer in an incident June 4.

WSU's athletic policy, Bill Moos has stated, is that student-athletes are ineligible to play in games while facing a felony charge. The player is eligible to practice at the discretion of the coach.

WSU yesterday reversed its earlier Student Conduct Board and Appeals Board rulings on Tago in light of the Robert Barber stay handed down by the courts. The WSU boards had previously ruled Tago was suspended from the university and football program for two years, and was eligible to apply for reinstatement to WSU in May 2018.

Tago, who lines up at the rush spot on WSU's defense, last played against Stanford in Week Five.

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