An Open Letter to Coug Fans from Robert Barber's Family

Dear Cougar Family: It is difficult to express our sincere gratitude and love to YOU all, because we can hardly find the words. We want to say much, but no dictionary or language can truly define how we really feel, yet I will try.

We deeply appreciate the numerous support and sacrifices made on behalf of our son/brother Robert in his fight to be reinstated for school and football. We are humble and sincerely grateful to our Heavenly Father for giving us loving families, caring friends, and great leaders like YOU. Our hearts are full of emotions, and we want to say that YOU are the greatest blessing in Robert’s life.

The outcome of the fight was successful because of YOU- because YOU have helped. YOU have made it easier for our family, as we could not do much from our end but offer endless prayers (fasting) to bless YOU throughout the process.

So many organizations and individuals have reached out to Robert in so many ways (we can never imagine), we would like to ‘THANK YOU’ (in no particular order):

  • Jack Thompson “Uncle Jack”
  • Senator Michael Baumgartner (Baumgartner Family)
  • Attorney Arne Heeden
  • Attorney Steven Graham
  • WSU Football (Coaching Staff, Players)
  • Joe and Josie Salave’a
  • Coug Nation (students, professors, staff)
  • CougFam & CougMoms (Jill Osur, Tracy Cracraft)
  • Coug Alumni
  • Asian Pacific Island Coalition [Diane Narwasaki, Faaluaina Pritchard, Tony Lee, Vang Xiong, Dori Baker, Van Kuno, Lin Crowley, Brian Lock]
  • Spiritual Leaders [Rev. Suipi Vaielua (CCCAS, Fort Lewis), Pastor Naamona Failauga (AOG). Pastor Vaetoe Enesi (AOG), Asst. Pastor Keli Niuamoa, Pastor David Pritchard (Lake City Community Church, Lakewood), Pastor Lina Thompson (Lake Burien Presbyterian Church)]
  • CCCAS Seattle I (First Samoan Congregational Christian Church, Washington)
  • ACRS (Asian Counseling and Referral Services)
  • APCC (Asian Pacific Cultural Center)
  • CAPAA (Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs)
  • Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs
  • Governor’s Commission
  • YES Foundation of White Center
  • Samoa Washington Community [Danny Pritchard, Al Failauga, HTC Leota Strickland, Chief Luapo Fa’afetai Koria, Pat Thompson, Ty Tufono, Michael Itti, Ms. Savusa]
  • Fagaitua High School Alumni

We’ve received countless support via social media and phone calls. Please forgive us for we have failed to mention so many names as I tried so hard to keep up with YOU. We seek our Heavenly Father’s blessings upon each and every one of YOU as our family cannot repay YOU for all the sacrifices and services rendered for Robert (even if it cost you your job or reputation).

On behalf of our Mother and family, from the depths of our souls, we leave with YOU our love and gratitude.

In our beautiful Samoan language, we proudly say “Fa’afetai Tele, O La Outou Pule Lea!”


-Barber Family

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