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Cougar head man Mike Leach: People who use term 'system quarterback' are ones who can't coach

BROCK HUARD, the old Husky quarterback who now does excellent work on radio and TV, makes no secret that he loves WSU’s Luke Falk. But he also has dismissed the reigning All-Pac-12 performer as a “system quarterback.” ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, in a GameDay segment on Saturday, didn’t query Leach on anything about Huard but he did want the coach's thoughts on the term “system quarterback.”

When Rinaldi asked Leach for a quick take on one of the “buzz terms that we hear so often in college football — system quarterback,” Leach didn’t hesitate.

“That’s absurd,” Leach said in the sit-down interview in his Cougar Football Complex office. “Total cop out. That’s what people that can’t coach say.

“If a quarterback’s not in a system, you’re one of the worst coaches in America. If you don’t have a system as coach what do they need you for?” Leach added.

Rinaldi covered some wide-ranging ground in the three-minute-plus segment, which you can view hereincluding Leach’s nomination of The Matrix as the worst movie of all time.

Asked what stock he puts into how people perceive him, Leach was, as you might imagine, straight forward:

“Not a lot … I shaved today so I put a little ... I mean, I was about to go out the door and I thought ‘well, I better shave,’ so a little bit. I put this hoodie on instead of a t-shirt …”

Click here to watch the full segment.

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