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Apple Cup predictions by celebs & CF.C staff

THE FAT FIVE, the storied Cougar offensive line that powered the 1998 Rose Bowl team, has been a staple of our prediction panel all season. It was instantly apparent they’re all funny as hell -- they’ve been good enough to hit reply all and include CF.C in the banter. But with the Apple Cup on Friday, one of the Fat Five in his prediction this week spoke from the heart. And he teared up a bit in writing it all down.

Fellas, crazy story: I am in my garage (pictured above) trying to get my old fat ass in shape. I’m nearing the end of my workout and I am tired, I really just want to quit. So I have my music on shuffle, I'm looking for an excuse to throw in the towel early on my rower and just then, the WSU fight song comes on. And I go on.  And I immediately think of our group.  It is amazing that after all this time, after all the football I have played, after all the people I have been around, it ALWAYS comes back to you guys. I am dead serious when I say I love you, and that I would do anything for you guys. Hearing the fight song also brought me back to our last Pac-10 game together. We all wanted to end a couple guys’ careers wearing that ugly purple on a sour note. We hunted those guys down together in that game, and I believe we set the tempo for the entire team that night. And let's be honest, whenever we are together the entire atmosphere -- no matter where we are or what we are doing -- it shifts to whatever we are feeling. Similarly, I believe that if this 2016 Cougar O-Line wants to go TAKE IT, then they will. They have to be willing to lean into everything UW has and then laugh in their purple faces. Back when we lined up together, we used to go out and break people's will. That's how you win football games, and that is how the 2016 Cougs will win this one. NOW GO PICK A FREAKING FIGHT!  postscript: Love you guys for real, and yes I did get choked up writing this because that is the passion I have for you men.
WSU 35, UW 28
-- Cory Withrow,  WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Husky Fever is a venereal disease. Cougs find a way at home.
WSU 38, UW 36
-- Ryan McShane, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

A friend told me he Googled '97 apple cup the other day and found the whole thing available online. I thought I'd check it out, maybe see a play or two one evening, since I hadn't seen it for many years. The next thing I know, I'm sucked into watching  the whole damn game. Guys are flying around and making huge plays all over, such an amazing time. It just doesn't get any better than taking the Huskies to their knees like that, and not letting anything stand in our way of a conference championship. If these 2016 Cougs go flying around the field and knock some heads off like 'ol Withrow used to -- ripping guys' face masks off -- they will remember this Friday for the rest of their lives. (Seriously, I don't believe I've EVER seen anyone in an NCAA game, before or since, rip guys' facemasks off like Cory did).  On Friday, it's going to be tough without No. 21 making those circus catches, but the Cougs will band together in honor of River Cracraft and they have a lot of weapons.  Cougs win at home.
WSU 32, UW 28
-- Lee Harrison, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

I think the forecast has since changed but when I saw it there was a 50 percent chance of snow in the Palouse for the Apple Cup. And if the snow does fall, that is never a bad thing for the Cougs! This should be one of the better games between the two squads and the atmosphere will be electric in Martin Stadium. #GoCougs
WSU 34, UW 21
-- Jason McEndoo, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

There is nothing better than beating the Huskies. I still remember the feeling of earning the Rose Bowl berth by beating them in their house. And I still remember the feeling of watching CORY WITHROW  running down the field holding a finger up and “shushing" the crowd --  because we made the whole place silent. That was by far the most fun game to play in that I can remember.  I miss the Mike Price Apple Cup jokes, and the Apple Cup stories that would be shared each practice by former players coming back to campus. Something about this week always reminds you HOW MUCH OF A COUG you are .. and how much you hate the Huskies and their misplaced sense of entitlement. It should be a great game on Friday -- I anticipate a good game into the fourth quarter and it should be fun. And I’ll be there boys … I'll be there.
WSU 24, UW 21
-- Rob Rainville, WSU Fat Five offensive lineman

Unlike in Boulder, Luke Falk is going to have a great day from start to finish, and the defensive line is going to perform at a high level.
WSU 35, UW 24
-- Jack Thompson, Wazzu legend

WSU still has yet to play an overtime game for the sake of balance in the universe -- so it has to be in the Apple Cup, right? I see the Cougs getting to Jake Browning and disrupting his composure, and that will  dull some of the sharper offensive tools in UW's arsenal. Luke Falk, and a tandem of Kyle Sweet and Tavares Martin, power the Cougs to victory in an OT thriller.
WSU 37, UW 31
-- Zach Anders, CF.C correspondent

WSU will put together its best game yet and they have to - the goal is to be perfect on both sides of the ball. If the Cougs can rattle Browning early and often, I think they win the second half and in a big way. I see Wazzu coming out on top in an epic Apple Cup victory.
WSU 38, UW 34
-- Skyler Cracraft, CF.C correspondent

Nobody likes purple. Not even the U-dub, which must be why it always wants to wear black. But you have to respect UW's big play ability. They will get some easy scores. And Ross is great. But Marks is better. And tougher. Cougs edge the mutts. See you all in Pasadena.
WSU 31, UW 28
-- Ian Furness, KJR radio host

What a joy to see the Apple Cup getting the national attention. Great job by both coaching staffs. Tough day for the Cougs I think. I'm thinking Huskies by 11. Sorry, I hope I'm wrong.
UW 35, WSU 24
-- Jim Walden, former WSU head coach & WSU radio analyst

The Huskies head back to Seattle with their tales between their legs as Luke Falk has a legendary game in leading the Cougs to a win.
WSU 31, UW 27
-- Jason Puckett, KJR radio host

Why does Husky Stadium have field turf instead of grass? To make sure the UW band, football team and cheerleaders don't smoke it.  Last Saturday in Boulder  was a test against an excellent Buff D and all-purpose O. On Friday, Luke Falk & Co. come out firing and they have a much better overall game -- no drops from the receiving corps, and no late turnovers. The Husky QB is not the dual treat that Colorado & EWU have, and that caused the Cougar D fits.  Go Cougs
WSU 31, UW 28
-- Paul Sorensen, WSU All-America safety and CF.C contributor

The Apple Cup this year is made for a true competitor. This is when every offseason lift, every practice rep, every film session reveal itself. Both the Cougs and the Huskies have shown themselves this season to be worthy of a tile. The Cougar seniors will play for a place in Cougar history and every Cougar who is on that field for a snap is playing for a place amongst the crimson legends.  The Cougs will find the fire at home and come out with a focused aggression. In the end, they will outlast the Huskies, as a last second field goal lifts Washington State to the Pac-12 North title.
WSU 37, UW 35
-- Jed Collins, WSU tight end 2004-08 and CF.C contributor

On paper, I'd say the Dawgs are 10 to 14 points better with that defense and their weapons on offense. But that's on paper. The Cougs are at home, which is going to be a massive advantage, and the trip to Boulder was a good introduction to what it takes to play against an outstanding D. I think the Cougar offensive line is going to shine and DE Hercules Mata'afa is going to have his best day as a Coug. In the end, kicker Erik Powell joins Andrew Furney and Nico Grasu on the list of Apple Cup game winners.
WSU 31, UW 28
-- Ryan Witter, CF.C contributor

I have been right eight time this season and I'm about to make it nine. It's the last game for the WSU seniors in Martin and they will make a statement. Gabe Marks has always said he wants to compete against the best and he'll get his wish Friday in the form of the Dawg secondary. And Marks' 3 TD catches will win the day for the Cougs. Hercules Mata'afa gets to Husky QB Jake Browning early and often.
WSU 38, UW 35
-- Lew Wright, CF.C Associate Editor

Cougs are awesome. Huskies are lame.
WSU 70, UW 4 
-- Fab5Coug, longtime CF.C member

After the angst he provided Cougar fans earlier this season, Erik Powell more than redeems himself with a 42-yard game winning field with under two minutes to play.
WSU 31, UW 28
-- Braulio Perez, CF.C Associate Editor

WSU will stare into the abyss at some point on Friday. The Huskies will seize momentum and put up a couple scores in a row, and maybe more than once. The difference will be that Washington State responds.  The Cougs are going to punch people in the mouth on Friday, unlike last week in Colorado. Luke Falk is going to again trust his receivers to the extent he did in Boulder, throwing it up there and counting on them to make plays, but this time they will. The WSU front seven, unlike last week, is going to be dialed in and crashing the line. But UW will more than hold their own. It won't be late until this one is decided. And it will be by the same score, and with the same team coming out on top, as in 1997.
WSU 41, UW 35
--  Barry Bolton, Managing Editor

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