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ESPN analysts, bloggers predict Apple Cup while ESPN graphics department is killing us slowly: It's Wazzu, folks

WE HAVE NOTHING but warmth and respect for you in our hearts ESPN, truly we do. But for the love of all that is good and holy on this big blue marble we call Earth … it’s Wazzu. No, really. It is most assuredly not Wazzou.

ESPN analyst Trevor Matich is picking the Cougs to upset the Huskies on Friday in the Apple Cup (12:30 pm, Fox). 

Two other ESPN analysts are also out with their predictions: Paul Finebaum picks the Cougs to win.  Joey Galloway likes the Huskies. bloggers David Lombardi and Ted Miller are predicting a Washington State victory.  Three other ESPN bloggers, Chantel Jennings, Kevin Gemmell and Kyle Bonagura, say UW will come out on top. All five of the bloggers are predicting a close game, with the predicted winning margin at seven points or less.

As for the typo (pictured at the top of this story) what the hell is a Wazzou anyway?  It sounds like something from the old Batman TV series.  You know, Adam West’s Batman punches Cesar Romero’s Joker right in the kisser and the screen fills up with the words … Ker-Blam!  Wazzou!  

“Wazzou” happens far more often than you might think. has been informing national newspapers and sites like ESPN for nearly two decades in tilting at this particular windmill. Alas, as Thanksgiving 2016 clearly shows, our work is not yet done here.

Back to ESPN’s Apple Cup picks and a side note on Matich. members with great memories will recall the ESPN analyst was high on both Washington State and QB Luke Falk, and Falk's NFL prospects, back in July. See the related story below.  

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