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What They're Saying: Sour Apples Edition

ALL EYES WERE on Pullman yesterday and while the Cougs fell flat, the post-game Apple Cup commentary from pundits far and wide was cookin' with gas.

“If that fictional road trip featuring Mike Leach and Chris Petersen were to resemble the past three Apple Cups, then it might be a good idea to have the Washington coach controlling the wheel. He's certainly controlling this rivalry.” — Mike Dugar, Moscow-Pullman Daily News

“As with any blowout, observers might be challenged to ascertain whether the mismatch was a case of Washington playing at a superior level, or Washington State pitching a clunker. Probably both.” — John McGrath, Tacoma News Tribune

“Funny, that erstwhile eight-game winning streak threw no blocks. That erstwhile 7-0 league record made no backfield tackles. All those school records, all those milestones, did the Washington State Cougars no good. Their remarkable regular season ended Friday the same way so many previous WSU football seasons have ended, with a withering, one-sided loss to Washington on an damp, overcast afternoon.” — Dale Grummert, Lewiston Tribune

“The most anticipated Apple Cup in years quickly turned into just another dud.” — Jacob Thorpe, Spokesman-Review

“There are a number of instances — whether it be a seven-game winning streak or love from the big polls — that suggest Washington State football has turned the corner. There are myriad examples … that make it seem as if this is a whole new set of Cougars. And yet there remains a stigma that continues to haunt this program despite its rise in the Mike Leach era. Simply put: When the moment gets big, the Cougs get small.” — Matt Calkins, Seattle Times

“Purple splash mats were cheekily placed in selected Martin Stadium urinals for this game. Then the Cougars wound up peeing down their legs instead. Do not undersell Washington’s role in this, of course. The Huskies are better at most positions, whether some Cougs want to admit it or not, but not just in flashy skill players and not just in the screaming difference between the two secondaries. Washington won this one big on big, and that will make for some uncomfortable film evaluation this next week.” — John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

“Jake Browning and No. 6 Washington passed its final test of the regular season thanks to one nearly perfect quarter.” — Tim Booth, Associated Press

“The Apple Cup meant something yesterday. Heck, it always means something but yesterday it really meant something. And Washington State didn’t show up. Oh, the Cougars were inside Martin Stadium, sure, but they were nothing more than road kill for the first 15 minutes.” — Vince Grippi, Spokesman-Review

“It wasn’t just that the Huskies jumped ahead so decisively, nor that they turned back every desperate Washington State attempt to get back into the game. What most pleased Petersen is that when the game turned into a physical referendum, when the Cougars were twice poised on the brink of potential momentum-turning touchdowns, it was Washington that thumped the hardest at the goal line.” — Larry Stone, Seattle Times

“If you can't get one yard and score a touchdown three times in one game, you don't deserve to win.” — Gabe Marks

"It may have been one of the most vital Apple Cup games in recent memory, but it sure wasn't one of the most exciting. — Tom Fornelli, CBS Sports

“The Cougars' defense was exposed for the second straight week. After holding California and Arizona to a combined 28 points, the Cougars gave up more than 500 total yards for the second straight week.” — Tim Booth, Associated Press

“The Huskies had 274 yards of total offense after the first quarter to 64 for the Cougars. UW again stifled WSU’s Air Raid offense, holding it to 4.5 yards per play, and has held the Cougars to 40 points total in three Apple Cup games with Petersen as coach.” — Christian Caple, Tacoma News Tribune

“This is our favorite game of the year because anytime an offense, when we know they’re going to throw the ball 60 times, it really makes game-planning easy. They did a better job — they got four more points than they had the last three years. But this is our favorite game of the year, and I hope (the Cougars) continually do exactly what they’re doing because this is an awesome game to play.” — Jimmy Lake, UW co-defensive coordinator to Seattle Times

“Washington State didn't compete with the Huskies on Friday. It was a complete disaster on both sides of the ball from start to end. The Cougs had some chances to get back in it, but shot themselves in the foot and couldn’t put anything together when they needed to most.” —Skyler Cracraft, Cougfan .com

“The first-quarter blowout continued the Huskies' trend of putting teams away early, with UW outscoring opponents by a whopping 162-26 margin in the opening frame this season.” — Stephen Cohen,

"Our team was out played, out performed and out managed. We played the same football as we did in the Game One loss to Eastern Washington. Once again it was dropped passes, bad angles, missed tackles, and zero pressure on the quarterback. We had a national opportunity to make noise and put our school on the map by continuing to march toward a Pac-12 championship and we folded." — Mkristo Bruce to CF.C


/logs into twitter/sees how mad he got on twitter last night /regrets nothing @BigWoodWSU

Did our defense think the game was being played in Lewiston? JFC. @lattecoug

How I'm feeling right now... My Cougs took a butt kicking, but we will bounce back!!#GoCougs @erikcoleman

For those asking, yes, the apple on top of the Apple Cup trophy broke off last night. UW says it'll be fixed. @ByTimBooth

“Why did the WSU football team cross the road? Because it was easier than crossing the goal line” @izimmy24

First reaction to WSU recovering a fumble was to wonder how they'll blow this opportunity for points. @BonaguraESPN

Looks like I picked the wrong week to start picking the Cougars. It’s 28-3, UW. Mike Leach phoning DB recruits, “Can you enroll now?” @JPBlanchette

We got crushed. Turns out the Dawgs are better than I thought and much better than the Cougs. Left little doubt today. #GoCougs @cougsgo

Apple Cup sucked no doubt...but it will always be #GoCougs and nothing will ever change that! @jpellenwood

We have great players & great coaches. We will learn from this hiccup & we are an up & coming force. Be afraid, be very afraid. #GoCougs @CougarRob

I don't care how the game ended yesterday, no university in the country can beat the family that WSU is! #GOCOUGS #wsufootball @GingerDruffel

Keep your heads up @wsucougfb - let's get ready to play in an awesome bowl game! #GoCougs @WSU_Cougar_Pres

Tough to find the words to describe yesterday's Apple Cup other than to say Cougs were outplayed & talent gap evident. #gocougs @Coughouse

We may have lost the battle, but we certainly did not lose the war. #GoCougs #BestInTheWest @AlumAlbert

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