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A grateful Cougar Nation salutes you, Jimmy Lake

THANK GOD FOR JIMMY LAKE. The Husky secondary coach/co-defensive coordinator has ensured a year ahead of time the 2017 Apple Cup is already circled big and bold on the calendar for Washington State and its alums and fans.

Say this for Cougar fans, they have long memories.  And for any who might forget, the media will bring it all up again during Apple Cup week next year.

In case you missed it, Lake has had plenty to say about the last two Apple Cups. After the 2015 Apple Cup, Lake said the Cougar wide receivers were timid.  Here’s what he told KJR’s Dave Mahler (screen grabs from’s Adam Lewis).

Then, in the run up to this year’s Apple Cup, Lake tried to walk it all back. 

Immediately after the 2016 Apple Cup, Lake was singing a different tune.

So to recap: 

Immediately after the game, talk trash. 
Before the next game, blow kisses. 
Immediately after the game, talk trash.

In the week (or three) before the 2017 Apple Cup, we all know what Lake will say. No one will believe any of it now, but it should be entertaining to watch him try.

And so it gives Cougar Nation one more reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving weekend.

Thank you, Jimmy.  A grateful Cougar Nation salutes you.  We’re not even going to mention you’ve earned a new nickname from a longtime member on our message boards for the pre-game kisses and the post-game trash: Jimmy No Balls.  Oh wait.  I guess we did mention it.  Damn.

Unofficially, there are only 362 days to go until the 2017 Apple Cup.

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