Bowl Practice: WSU heads indoors again for Thursday practice, third straight session inside the IPF

WASHINGTON STATE is practicing Thursday for the first time in five days, an allowance made for finals exams week. The weather has not been overly cooperative since Washington State kicked off its bowl practices a little over a week ago, but that’s not unexpected for mid-December.

WSU has held four bowl practices including today's, with the last three held inside the indoor practice facility due to weather (snow, cold temperatures).  

CF.C’s Zach Anders was braving the chilly conditions at press time (17 degrees) waiting for the IPF doors to be opened after practice concluded Thursday, and aiming to bring CF.C members video interviews with Mike Leach and Alex Grinch, if possible.

The question since the Cougs first went indoors last Friday naturally begs: Why not plow the snow off the field and practice in Martin? Sure it was cold this past Friday and Saturday but not as cold as today. 

We may found out more from Leach today on his litmus test for heading indoors, but assuming nothing has changed from previous seasons, it goes something like this:

-Leach and the WSU coaches decide on a day-by-day basis whether to head inside when the weather is a factor (snow, temperature, winds, etc.)
-Bill Moos has several times over the years mentioned the IPF turf is an ACL injury waiting to happen. And he’s right.  But it’s also true that a newly plowed field can still be slick. And though WSU cannot do in a practice inside the IPF everything they do outdoors, Leach has said in the past that the footing in the IPF can be better, especially with temperatures dropping.
- If WSU does decide to practice outside and there’s snow on the field, it gets plowed off to the side right quick.

But it doesn't look like WSU will be headed outside to practice for a few days if this forecast turns out to be accurate:

WSU has announced plans to practice Friday and Sunday. 

The guess here based on previous years’ bowl preparations under Mike Leach is that WSU will likely then schedule sessions for Monday and Tuesday, before flying out to San Diego on Thursday, Dec. 22.

CF.C will have Anders’ video(s) up a little later tonight. 

Oh and by the way, Minnesota might not play in the bowl game vs. Washington State.  Just thought we’d mention.


  • When: Dec. 27, 4 pm Pacific
  • Where: Qualcomm Stadium/San Diego
  • TV: ESPN
  • The Line: Cougs by 9 ½
  • The Records: Both teams 8-4

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