Bowl game is a financial boon for Mike Leach, WSU assistant coaches, Bill Moos and others

IT PAYS TO go bowling at Washington State. Mike Leach, athletic director Bill Moos and the Cougar assistant coaches will earn some nice bonus checks under the tree for the Cougars' appearance in the Holiday Bowl.

Leach's contract calls for a $75,000 bonus for getting the Cougs to a bowl game.  

Moos gets $50,000 for a bowl berth.

The WSU assistant coaches receive a bonus equivalent to one month's salary for the Cougs playing in a bowl game.  Here's how it breaks down:

Alex Grinch:    $47,917     ($575,000 salary).
Joe Salave'a:  $31,250    ($375,000 salary). 
Clay McGuire: $23,042   ($276,500 salary).
Roy Manning:  $22,625   ($271,500 salary).
Dave Nichol    $20,958   ($251,500 salary).
Ken Wilson     $20,952    ($246,500 salary).
Jim Mastro     $19,708     ($236,500 salary).
Eric Mele        $16,792     ($201,500 salary).

*JaMarcus Shephard  $0, no longer with WSU, not eligible for bowl bonus. Annual salary was $226,500.

WSU paid out roughly $417,000 in bonuses for the Sun Bowl last year. The final tally hasn't been determined for this year's Holiday Bowl appearance but it should be slightly more, owing to assistant coach salary increases.

Additional contractual bonuses will be given out to some staff members, including football chief of staff Dave Emerick and director of football operations Antonio Huffman.

There are also "permissive" bowl game bonuses given out by WSU, ones not spelled out in a contract but that WSU disburses at its discretion. The permissive bonuses for this year's bowl appearance have not yet been finalized, WSU tells CF.C, but last year totaled roughly $46,500 and included strength and conditioning coaches, quality control and graduate assistant coaches and others.

Leach would have earned an extra $25,000 for a Rose Bowl berth this season, his contract calls for a $100,000 bonus if the Cougars win the Pac-12 title game. Leach’s base salary is $2.95 million after receiving a $200,000 raise this past spring.  Leach's contract is scheduled to roll over on or before Dec. 31, with the WSU head man having a 5-year deal in perpetuity since he arrived to WSU in November 2011.

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