Mike Leach: It's 100 percent selfish when guys don't play in bowl games; prefers Sorenson answer to Marks when it comes to the zoo

SAN DIEGO - Mike Leach on Monday scoffed at the suggestion the college football playoff has diminished the other bowl games. Leach was also squarely at odds with players opting to sit out bowls to get a jump on NFL draft preparations. He also quipped that Cody O'Connell might get more playing time against Minnesota than Gabe Marks because of their comments made during the team's visit to the San Diego Zoo.

Leach seemed more relaxed than usual with the media and enjoying another fitting end to a successful season of Cougar football ahead of Tuesday's Holiday Bowl (4 pm, ESPN) Heck, the atmosphere in the room was comparable to sitting around a family dinner table. As amiable as Leach was, there were a couple of topics that got his blood boiling.

Bring up college playoffs and you're begging for a lecture from Leach about expanding the system to at least 16 teams.  But with high profile players such as Stanford's Christian McCaffrey and LSU’s Leonard Fournette skipping bowl games to prepare for the NFL Draft, many in the college football world and in the media have argued the playoff has diminished the important of other bowls. 

Leach was quite clear in syaing how "absurd" the proposition traditional bowl games aren't as important as they used to be.

"How can bowl season be watered down any more than the regular season's watered down," Leach said. "People watch football for the sake of football. The notion that the playoffs have had some impact on that I think is even more incorrect."

Leach also loathes the idea that any individual player should choose to take a pass on participating in his team's bowl game. He laid out a case on what sort of guy would place himself above the team. Wazzu's head man even wondered if some players opt out of participating in a bowl game because they might not pass a drug test.

The media session ended with Leach discussing the scouting process to prepare for Minnesota.  Here's the video.

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