The Cougars checked off final scoring box in 2016 in Mike Leach's fifth season at Wazzu

SLOW STARTS at Washington State? A tough time getting the Cougar engine cranked up coming out of the locker room? Not so fast.

Eight games into the 2016 season, Washington State had been outscored 52-38 in the first quarter.  But the Cougars overcame the deficit in the final five games, ultimately winning the first quarter 96-87 on the scoreboard for the season.

Indeed, Washington State in 2016 did something for the first time under Mike Leach in his five seasons on the Palouse.

The Cougars won every quarter on the scoreboard this season.

That’s in sharp contrast to the previous four Cougar squads under Leach.

In 2012, WSU won only one quarter on the scoreboard.
In 2013, WSU won two quarters.
In 2014, WSU won two quarters.
In 2015, WSU won two quarters.

Perhaps the most significant of all: vanquishing that “second slow start” in coming out of the locker room.

In each of his previous four seasons in Pullman, Leach’s squad lost the third quarter scoreboard battle.  WSU had been outscored 405-233 in the third quarter from 2012-2015 (an average of 101-58).

But not in 2016, where WSU won the third quarter 115-79. 

Here's the scoring break down in 2016:

* Washington State's 496 points in 2016 shattered the previous WSU high under Leach (409 in 2015). It also doubled his first Cougar team's offensive output from 2012 (245).

* The Cougar stop corps under defensive coordinator Alex Grinch in his second year allowed 343 points this season (26.4 ppg). That's also the defense's best in the Leach era (360; 27.7; 2015).

(pictured above: Coug RB Gerard Wicks, who scored 13 TDs in 2016)

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