So long, Joe. Sources: Coug DL coach Salave’a lhas agreement in principle w/ Ducks, formal approval all that's left

JOE SALAVE’A AND OREGON have reached an agreement in principle, sources with knowledge of the situation tell Barring an unexpected change of heart or a snag during the formal contract approval process, the Cougar d-line coach is leaving Washington State, the sources said.

So how long before WSU hires its new DL coach? As with most coaching hires, if Washington State hits on one of its top DL coach candidates, Cougar fans might not have to wait very long.  And that would be the ideal when it comes to recruiting for this cycle. Signing Day is Feb. 1, just a little over three weeks away. 

The most important item on the list, however, is to get the right guy.

Speculation naturally will turn to who might be the Cougs' nest d-line coach and CF.C is working on putting together a story on possible DL candidates. With Salave'a running the point on Polynesian recruiting at Washington State, fans are already wondering if WSU might gravitate towards Polynesian coaches with the impending hire. From my chair, I don’t see that as being a key consideration. 

Whomever is the best candidate in Mike Leach's mind -- and in terms of coaching and recruiting value -- will be the choice.

A quick check (not comprehensive) indicates Leach is the only WSU coach in the modern era with an assistant coach of Polynesian descent. But Washington State has long been a Polynesian friendly landing spot, with Jack Thompson, Tali Ena, David Pritchard and Samoa Samoa just to name a few Cougars who came to Wazzu without a coach of Polynesian descent running the recruiting point.

Salave'a has coached the defensive line the past five years at WSU, since Leach's first season at the helm in 2012. Prior to WSU, Salave'a spent a year coaching the Arizona d-line (2011) and San Jose State (2008-2009).

Stay tuned to CF.C, we’ll have more to come.

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