Well this won’t make Mike Leach happy: NCAA passes rule that will affect when Midnight Maneuvers starts and finishes

EARLY EVENING MANEUVERS? It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. The NCAA today unanimously passed a rule that would impact the time frame Mike Leach can run Midnight Maneuvers, the two-week winter conditioning drills set to kick off this year on Jan. 29 at Washington State.

As reported by Dan Wolken of USA Today, the NCAA unanimously approved the rule prohibiting athletically-related activities between 9 pm - 6 am (except for games). 
Midnight Maneuvers, going back to Leach's days at Texas Tech, often start at around 10 pm.  INCYMI, our article from Thursday: CLICK HERE

The rule passed today does not take effect until Aug. 1, so it wouldn't affect the session starting Sunday out on the Palouse.

The guess here is Leach might have something to say on the rules change.  Indeed, it could make his thoughts on the SEC this week seem like Sunday brunch at Banyans.

Leach put the SEC on blast in an interview with the Clarion-Ledger for a story on new Mississippi offensive coordinator Phil Longo, who will be bringing a Leach-inspired offense into the SEC.

“First, it becomes it won’t work,” Leach said of Air Raid skeptics. “Second, they basically say oh it’s a system, suggesting that people who don’t do it that way, who just run it up the middle, stick all your asses together so one hand grenade can kill everybody, that’s the right way to do it. Since they do it the right way, they’re OK with the fact they lost."

Leach was just getting started.

“This is a great time to be in the SEC, everybody’s got the same offense: run right, run left, play action," said Leach. "And they tease themselves and say we threw it four more times a game this year than we did last year.”

Leach also questioned, as he has many times before, the idea the SEC is the top conference in college football.

“I’ve got bad news for all these levels people,” Leach said. “Your level isn’t special, your conference isn’t special. All this different level this, different level that. That’s crazy … How is it better? Somebody coaches better athletes, somehow they morph into something smarter, that’s crazy. I mean, you still have problems, you still have 11 parts you can wiggle around to counter the other 11 parts.”

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