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ALL IS RIGHT in the world of college football. The season has begun, the Cougs are 1-0 and Good Lord, WSU ran the ball for some serious yardage in the opener. With that in mind, welcome to the inaugural edition of the <i>CF.C Mailbag</i>. Or as my imaginary friend, Jimmy, likes to refer to it, the end of the world, as we know it.

Housekeeping:  For letters selected, we may ask if it's ok to use your full name, but it's completely up to you.  (Meant to ask everybody but breaking down game tape took precedence, only got around to asking Tom.)


From: Tom Pounds

What is the all-knowing Seer's record since he started prognostications, years ago?


A: Going into ‘03, the Crimson Seer has compiled a 202-99 record since 1998; a 67% clip. 


For comparison purposes; In 2002, the Seer checked in at 68%.  That percentage bested all five self-titled ‘experts' at CBS  None too surprising when you consider the Sportsline 117, their marquee poll.   They actually dropped Washington State two slots to #31 this week after WSU pitched a shutout and racked up 300+ on the ground.  Wonder what needed to be done just to remain at #29..  I'm also wondering what the expert's entrance exam looks like over there..  Must be rigorous.


From: Anonymous

Can you elaborate on what the supplemental draft is?  I believe Timm
was a #1 pick in this kind of draft in 1988/89.


Briefly, the supplemental draft is usually held in the summer but can occur anytime and multiple drafts have taken place in the same year, (in ‘85 there were four.)  Using the previous year's draft order, a team can make a selection in all 7 rounds.  If a team makes a pick, they forfeit that round's pick in the subsequent regular draft.  Entire rounds have gone by with no picks, as well as entire drafts with nary a player selected. 


Players are available in an SD for varying reasons.  Simply put, Rosenbach decided after the 1988 season to enter the NFL but had missed the deadline for the regular draft.  There has been no appreciable salary difference because a player is a supplemental draft pick. 


From:  Anonymous

The Fight Song; did WSU change the lyrics at some point in the last 20-30 years, if so, when, and why?


A:  The "WSU Fight Song" remains the same as the day it was written by music majors Zella Melcher and Phyllis Sayles in 1919.  There are different versions such as the 'spell-out'.  "Cougars" was officially adopted by the student body as Washington State's mascot six months after the fight song was penned - therefore the word "cougar(s)" is not included. 

The official alma mater, "Washington, My Washington" was written in 1914 by J. DeForest Cline and was judged as honorable mention in a national alma mater contest.  The alma mater is also played and sung at each home football game.


From: Christopher A.

With QB Alex Brink, I know the coaches are going to do everything they can not to burn his redshirt.  How much can someone play before they give up their redshirt?


A:  Excellent question but damn you, sir, for asking it - as I had to unpack my NCAA rules book.  (I miss RN.)  Non-injury exceptions are perhaps possible regarding redshirts, but the NCAA rule states,"It does not matter how long you were involved in a particular competition (for example, one play in a football game, one point in a volleyball match); you will be charged with one season of competition."  


An extra year of eligibility can be granted via a "hardship waiver" if a student-athlete suffers an incapacitating injury or illness during the season. It must occur during the first half of the season and the student-athlete, in Divisions I and II, must not have participated in more than two contests or 20% of the school's completed contests, whichever is greater.


The Jimmy Mail

From: Anonymous

..Isn't it obvious WSU has no chance to beat Notre Dame?  Don't you think WSU will be in awe of the mystique?  Isn't it clear the (Cougs) will be lucky to win more than 5 games this year?


A:  No.


From: Richard

What did you think of Idaho on Saturday?


A:  Jimmy thinks Idaho is better than many believe.  Idaho's D played very well before tiring, RB Malfred Shaw is a player and the coaching staff put forth an excellent plan while making several prescient game calls. 


Sports Illustrated had Idaho 116th out of 117 D1 teams.  Jimmy thinks SI has been drinking a Beano shake twice a day during the offseason.  What is it with these hacks?  Jimmy doesn't think Idaho is a Top 25 team but second to last?  No chance.  Its more than ok to be wrong, but not because you're too lazy to do your job.  Jimmy's list of media laggards to email & laugh at continues to grow to record proportions..


From: Michael

..With Keith Gilbertson talking about bringing back DJ's Tower, any chance we'll see a similar structure on the Palouse?


A:  Jimmy likes your style.  The answer is No, but you already knew that.  Jimmy is having a hard time making fun of Gilbertson.  It would certainly be helpful if Gilby could say and do things more like his predecessor.  Or at least build that stupid tower.  Nonetheless, Jimmy soldiers on.. 


Because Jimmy has connections.  Should Gilby bring back that bygone relic, Jimmy will take flight in the Blue Angels C-130; Fat Albert.  (It'll be like the mother ship, calling him home.)


Jimmy thinks the second it goes up it'll be time.  Time to buzz the tower. 

Jimmy's crazy that way.



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