Speed and tall guys: Mike Leach breaks down the recruits in Washington State's 2017 class

PULLMAN — Mike Leach’s synopsis of his 2017 Cougar signing class: “This class we really wanted to focus on speed, and take tall guys.” Arguably the loudest reaction on social media from WSU fans came from Nebraska’s disappointment, as 4-star stop-and-go WR Jamire Calvin out of Los Angeles went crimson. It made perfect sense to Leach. “I can’t see why he’d go anywhere else with who’s throwing it to you,” said the WSU head man.

Here’s a synopsis of what Leach had to say on each member of his 2017 class.

WR Jamire Calvin (5-10, 160)         
Leach: Very shifty with great change in direction, just a great playmaker with the ball.

LB Cole Dubots (6-1, 185)
Leach: One of the faster linebackers than I’ll have the opportunity to coach.

LB Fa'avae Fa’avae (6-1, 210)
Leach: Comes from a modern day high school, traditional linebacker, very complete. Looks like what you expect a linebacker to look like.
DB Sean Harper (6-2, 175)
Leach: Tall corner, fast, great hips, can do all those things and he's 6-2.
WR Travell Harris (5-9, 180)
Leach: Great playmaker, can play a lot of positions, great returner. We’ll see where he goes.
DE Preston Hendry (6-5, 235)
Leach: Big, tall defensive end, great pass rusher.
CB George Hicks III (6-0, 180, pictured above)
Leach: Good classic corner, makes a lot of plays.
DE Dallas Hobbs (6-6, 240)
Leach: Defensive end who I think is going to be really big.
OL Alec Kuzmack (6-5, 295)
Leach: A flat stomach offensive lineman, really well built.
DB Damion Lee (6-1, 180)
Leach: One of the faster guys on the list, a truly fast guy that has a great frame to put on more weight.
CB Isaiah Love (6-0, 170)
Leach: Again fast, we want those defensive backs to be in a position to fight for their spot.
OL Abraham Lucas (6-7, 260)
Leach: Really long arms, lot of space to grow and already has great feet.
WR Davontavean “Tay” Martin (6-4, 180)
Leach: Very explosive as far as vertical jump speed, going to get quicker.
DE Christian Mejia (6-4, 220)
Leach: Good long armed defensive end, a guy that can put on weight.
OL Jonathan Nathaniel (6-6, 260)
Leach: We specifically did go get taller offensive linemen.
QB Connor Neville (6-2, 185)
Leach: Great feet, great arm, very competitive.
RB Caleb Perry (5-9, 180)
Leach: Very fast player - and notably a great track guy … Very explosive.
DE Willie Rodgers III (6-5, 230)
Leach: Very well put together guy, plays violent, anxious to see what he can do out there.
LB Dominick Silvels (6-3, 210)
Leach: Good height, going to fill out and be a big player, a big-hit kind of guy.
DB Josh Talbott (6-0, 180)
Leach: Fast, great change of direction, plays the ball well.
LB Willie Taylor (6-3, 210)
Leach: Big, tall rangy linebacker that is going to be even bigger.
OL Robert Valencia OL (6-6 295)
Leach: Good solid O-lineman that I think can play any of the positions.
DB Zaire Webb (5-10, 165)
Leach: Very quick defensive back.
WR Anthony White Jr. (6-1, 165)
Leach: Quick, runs extremely well, we’ve got the luxury of having him on campus already.
WR Easop Winston (5-11 170)
Leach: Great playmaker at wide receiver.

Leach confirmed earlier reports that receivers C.J. Dimry (6th year) and Kyrin Priester (suspension) are with the team, saying that they were fighting for their spot on the depth chart. Asked about Logan Tago, whom Bill Moos suspended indefinitely last week, Leach said Tago remains on the team.

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