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We could listen to new Cougar assistant coach Jeff Phelps talk D-Line all day

WHEN INTERVIEWING COACHES you always try to get some extra nugget, something you didn't plan for going in. In’s one-on-one talk with new Cougar defensive line coach Jeff Phelps, we got one.

The question was about his coaching influences, and Phelps in his answer briefly mentioned a drill one had passed on. CF.C asked if he could expand a bit on that drill. What followed offered insight into Phelps' d-line coaching.

“So you take the big pop-up titans -- and you have the arms attached to them -- and you have them right next to each other," said Phelps. "When you blow the whistle the guys have to run sideways like a lateral run, and they have to hit each one of their hands on each one of the arms.

"At the end, and so there’s four of the titans lined up, when they get to the end, so let’s say I’m going to the left: my right hand hits the right arm of the titan -- and then I flip my hips and bring my left hand on a club move to the titan, and then I bring my arm over for a rip.

"As I’m doing that, I’m dipping and I’m coming at an angle to a little cone that’s sitting right behind that bag.  

And that’s just representing closing out that space going to the quarterback.

It’s a rapid fire deal, the guys go one after the other and it’s quick.

"And you just listen to the timing of it and you can tell those guys that can really move their hands and they can move them with power, and of course you’re moving your feet and then you’re finishing the drill off. 

"I think the drill encompasses a lot of things you need in a pass rusher.

We’ll have more from our talk with Phelps in the coming days, but we love stuff like this and wanted to bring it to CF.C members today.

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