The best 2017 WSU recruiting tale from the road we’ve heard, courtesy of Cougar o-line coach Clay McGuire

THE BEST tale we’ve heard from the recruiting road this past class comes courtesy of Cougar offensive line coach Clay McGuire. It involves a home visit to 4-star wideout and eventual Cougar signee Jamire Calvin, some ill-fitting jerseys and another WSU assistant coach who, McGuire says, is crafty indeed.

Take it away, Clay McGuire.

“I told Jim Mastro a story one time when I was at Texas Tech,” said McGuire. “I was young, there was a certain kid we were recruiting at the time and the number (was important to him). 

“So I wore a Texas Tech jersey with his number on it and it was going to be one of those things that was hit or miss: either you’re going to look like a complete fool walking through this school with this kid’s number on the jersey, or you’re going to be a hero because you get the kid.

“Well it ended up working, we ended up getting the kid … everyone in the school thought it was the coolest thing, the kid thought it was awesome and all that stuff. So I told Mastro that one time, just in conversation.

“So we’re in a staff meeting and we’re talking about Jamire Calvin. We made plans where the staff was going to go down and meet Jamire. So Mastro brought up, ‘Let’s all go wearing his jersey.’ Now, there was a little resistance from everybody … But It was Mastro’s idea to do the jersey thing with Jamie Calvin. So we get there to his home and we have four No. 6 jerseys. 

“And of course the only person that doesn’t have a jersey on is Jim Mastro.  Okay?  It was his idea … and he somehow got out of it. So it was me, Roy (Manning), (Derek) Sage and (Dave) Nichol and we were all in the home sporting the Jamire No. 6.

“And those little receiver jerseys are pretty tight on big guys like me. I had a hard time breathing in that skin-tight jersey, you know? 

“Mastro is pretty crafty on that kind of stuff. You’ve gotta watch him.”

We’ll have more from McGuire tomorrow on CF.C.

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