Just in: Breaking down WSU coaches' recruiting territories

FLORIDA IS most assuredly an ancillary recruiting area for Washington State. That said, it boasts the most known early offers outside of California and the Pacific Northwest this cycle. So who is Mike Leach’s area recruiter for Florida? With two new assistant coaches in Jeff Phelps and Derek Sage, Washington State’s recruiting territories have now been assigned, football chief of staff and recruiting coordinator Dave Emerick tells Cougfan.com.

Two items to note up front: 1. California and the Pacific Northwest will always be the bread and butter for WSU in recruiting, particularly California.  2. And as one might expect coming off a top-40 signing class, WSU isn’t making wholesale changes to its recruiting territory assignments for the 2017-18 cycle.

That said, WSU’s signing class earlier this month featured recruits from a whopping 11 states and with that, an unusually low number (8) of California products.  In looking ahead this cycle to the ancillary areas, Wazzu looks to be increasing, at least to some degree, its recruiting presence for the '18 class in Arizona, Florida and Chicago. 

Sage’s recruiting territories include Florida, while Phelps’ includes Arizona and Chicago. WSU certainly recruited Florida and Arizona this previous class, but they weren’t on our list last year at this time as having an assigned area recruiter. From our chair, we also expect Phelps to spot recruit Indiana (and perhaps Dallas) provided there are prospects it makes sense for WSU to target. (Phelps’ longtime territories at Minnesota were Illinois and Indiana, and he had just added Dallas).

Sage, in addition to Florida, will take over the same recruiting areas in California as former inside receivers coach JaMarcus Shephard had last cycle: San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Westlake Village.  Phelps’ recruiting territories include Arizona and Hawaii in addition to Chicago.  

WSU has 11 known early offers combined out to Florida, Arizona and Illinois prospects for the 2018 class.

THE COUGS also use a group recruiting effort under Leach and Emerick, with multiple coaches generally involved in the recruiting of prospects. And the position coach is always keenly involved.

And of course, Leach plays a key role across the recruiting spectrum, and is heavily involved in QB recruiting.

Seven of the nine WSU assistant coaches have a recruiting territory in California, same as last year. 

Here are the recruiting territories for WSU in 2017-18:

Jeff Phelps: Hawaii, Arizona and Chicago
Derek Sage: San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Westlake Village and Florida.
Ken Wilson: Inland Empire (east of L.A., includes counties of Riverside and San Bernardino)
Roy Manning: Los Angeles
Alex Grinch: San Diego
Jim Mastro: Bay Area including San Francisco
Eric Mele: Western Washington, Portland, Vancouver (CAN)
Dave Nichol: Orange County, Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana
Clay McGuire: Sacramento, Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield

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