Cougar center Riley Sorenson goes old school for his shot at the NFL at WSU's Pro Day

PLAYERS LOOKING TO make the leap from college to the NFL often pick up and move to a highly specialized training facility, one packed with the latest technology and to work non-stop before their pro day and/or NFL combine. But Cougar center Riley Sorenson, in his quest to become stronger and faster ahead of today’s workout in front of NFL scouts at Washington State, went a different route.

Sorenson, who never redshirted, is taking his final classes this spring at WSU.  The prospect of leaving in January to prepare for the draft, and then coming back later to complete his degree, didn’t appeal to him.

And so the Cougs’ starting center the last three seasons, since mid-January, has been preparing for his shot at the NFL the way prospects used to do it.

“I’ve just been working with a couple of the assistant strength coaches here -- they’ve pretty much been running me through everything I need,” said Sorenson.

Don’t let the old school training approach fool you. Sorenson greatly wants a shot at the NFL.

“If it doesn’t work … I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into that, I’d like to be positive,” said Sorenson.  “I’d probably stick around here, my girlfriend has a job here so I don’t want to make her move unnecessarily. I would maybe see if the program has any openings, see if I could help out, and go from there.”

Sorenson will get an early jump on that. He said he’ll be helping Clay McGuire with the offensive line during the Cougs’ upcoming spring football session that kicks off in a couple weeks. And he’ll continue to do his own work before, during and after spring call.

“I’ll just keep on doing my football drills and preparation so that if I get any (pro) workouts, if I get picked up, if I get signed, if I get drafted – if a team likes me, then I’ll go to mini-camp very prepared,” said Sorenson.

For Thursday, Sorenson said he most wants to show off his athleticism to the pro scouts.

“I don’t really have any specific number goals,” said Sorenson, who said he checks in these days at 6-4, 325 pounds.  “I just want to do the best I can do on that specific day.  I want to show all the scouts I’m not just a big dude – I can move around pretty well. 

“I’m a pretty athletic guy.”

Sorenson named the 3-cone, shuttles and position-specific drills as areas of particular focus for him on pro day.

“But you can show (athleticism and quicks) in almost any drill. All of them require a fair amount of athleticism and agility,” said Sorenson.

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