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WSU teammates tell the Seattle Times: LaVar Ball a likeable loud mouth

FROM THE SOUNDS of his former Washington State teammates, LaVar Ball was a likable loud mouth who probably undermined himself -- he lasted just one season on the Palouse and averaged but 2.2 points per game -- with his head-strong ways. The Seattle Times tracked down several of Ball's old Cougar teammates from the 1987-88 season for perspective on the entertaining (and Jordan-vanquishing?) father of Lonzo and the other Ball brothers.

So would LaVar Ball, as he claims, have crushed Michael Jordan one-on-one? 

“Not a single chance,” Neil Evans, a forward on WSU’s 1987-88 team, tells the Times in this story today.

“Not a chance in hell,” said guard Harold Wright, who is now an assistant coach at Rainier Beach High.

“Let’s see, had Michael Jordan been on crutches, with a cast on his right arm and had the stomach flu, he might have been able to beat Michael Jordan," said Anthony Kidd, a forward.

But it's also clear his teammates remember Ball fondly.

“He was a very likeable person,” said David Sanders, the leading scorer on WSU's 87-88 team. “LaVar had confidence, but it was playful.”

“There’s different kinds of trash talking,” Kidd said. “There’s a Gary Payton kind of trash talking that wasn’t fun at all, and then there was the LaVar Ball kind of trash talking that was a lot of fun.”

Ball was a good guy but not a great shooter -- yet always wanted to shoot, his teammates say. He didn't last more than the one season on the Palouse, Wright said, because he couldn't (or wouldn't) play Kelvin Sampson's slower style of play.


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