Jap, Kraut, Spic, Wop, Kike, Oriental…pretty offensive, eh? Once-common phrases that, thankfully, are generally placed on the collective backburner of a more enlightened society.

Why the change?  Because these phrases perpetuate a stereotype that is offensive to the nationality referenced.  Because the current identity of these nationalities are not tied to historical references.  Because the members of these ethnic groups have overcome huge obstacles and attained levels of success of which their ancestors could only dream.


Why, then, do we of the Cougar Nation continue to utilize the term "Coug It"? 


Many of our Husky brethren continually vocalize every mishap by calling upon that phrase.   To me, a lifelong Cougar, such usage is as offensive as it gets.  In and of itself, the mere fact that Huskies delight in using the phrase is reason enough NOT to stoop to that level. But the cause is not to educate the ignorant-they ultimately expose themselves. 


The cause, my Cougar brothers and sisters, is to eradicate the offensive and improper use of this long-held term from the vocabulary of those who hold citizenship in the Cougar Nation.


I will submit to the Cougar faithful that as long as they continue to perpetuate this "Couged It" thing, it will become reality over and over again. And every time a Cougar team loses, it will be considered "Couging It" regardless of the circumstances. I guarantee that our student athletes hear this term over and over again and it slips into their psyches.  I know, I watched Saturday's game sitting right next to a former Cougar player who literally cringed when someone in the area used the term.

Until the collective consciousness of the Cougar Nation can erase this term from their minds, big time wins against strong competition will be few and far between, if ever.  From an athletic perspective, the talent gap has been decreased dramatically.  When the Crimson Warriors take the field, they fully expect to win…that is, unless that little phrase creeps into their thoughts…

It's really too bad if any single player on that field yesterday somehow had the term 'Couged It' yelled at them from the stands or had the thought enter into their mind due to a comment they heard or read somewhere in their past.


Quit buying into the foolishness - accept the loss as a hard-fought game, analyze the positives and negatives, relish the wins and mourn the losses.  But vanish that term from the vocabulary, by God!  Mike Price tried to make it a positive thing but there is too much baggage with it and it needs to go away permanently from common Cougar lingo.


Noted author Napoleon Hill once conducted an experiment on an unsuspecting individual.  A normal, healthy man was repeatedly told, "You look sick".  Initially, this comment had no impact.  Over time, however, the man began to take on the symptoms and fell ill.  When Hill discontinued ‘suggesting' illness to the man, his health improved dramatically.


Is the same not possible with our young athletes in critical moments? 




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