WSU unofficial has a monster impact on 4-star QB Camm Cooper, he tells CF.C

BEFORE EVEN SETTING foot on the WSU campus, 4-star QB prospect Cammon Cooper had a pretty good idea of what the Cougar offense was all about. However, he tells that during his two-day unofficial visit that just wrapped, both Mike Leach and Luke Falk did a tremendous job filling him in on all things crimson. So much in fact, he said this trip resulted in one major change in his recruitment ...

It increased his love for all things Cougs, and quite a bit.

Before taking his unofficial visit, Cooper had previously told CF.C he was high on WSU and they were among the top five programs recruiting him the hardest.

The Cougars took things to a whole new level during his trip.

"This visit definitely raised it (interest) a ton," Cooper told CF.C shortly after leaving Pullman. "I finally got to see how things are run and got a feel for everything."

The 6-4, 200-pounder arrived to Pullman on Wednesday night, but didn't begin his visit with the WSU coaches until Thursday morning. He got a tour of the campus, facilities and was able to check out a spring practice.

Having some quality one-on-one time with Leach certainly made the trip from Utah to Pullman worth it.

"He just told me that I'm their guy and there's not a better college offense in the country that I'd fit in better than here," said Cooper.

Cooper also said having the opportunity to meet Falk and connect with him on a personal level definitely stood out. When asked what his favorite part of his visit was, Cooper said, "Probably hanging out with Luke and some of the guys at night, and being with Coach Leach a majority of the time I was there."

Falk was also upfront with him about the potential he could having in the Air Raid offense.

"He said he will be gone when I get up there, so it'll (QB spot) be open to be able to compete and play early," said Cooper.

So, what else did he learn while he was out in Pullman?

"They (WSU) are a very close team and family," Cooper said. "The offense has a ton of similarities to the offense that I currently run at my high school. The biggest transition for me would just be the signals."

Cooper did not pull the trigger while out on the Palouse and is still planning on committing at some point in the early summer. It appears this visit certainly made an impact on him, though. 

Cooper is ranked the No. 27 quarterback prospect nationally. He threw for 4,059 yards and 38 touchdowns in 12 games as a junior last season.

Cooper also talked to's Blair Angulo, saying of his Wazzu experience: "I loved it there," Cooper said. "It was really awesome, especially knowing that if you go up there, you'll have the time of your life as a QB, pretty much just throwing the ball all around to everybody, breaking records and winning games. They've won the most conference games in the Pac-12 the last two years, just a game away from the championship, so they've got some good, young players. They are on the rise."

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