Will Gabe Marks’ outspokenness fly in the NFL? Some of Marks' more notable quotes as a Cougar

WHEN HE WASN’T breaking the all-time Pac-12 record for receptions (312) Gabe Marks became a bit of a caricature, writes Sports Illustrated’s Lindsay Schnell, with people expecting jokes on command. But even in downplaying that aspect, Marks still has a way with words: “It’s not a persona, though, you know. Like maybe I really was the most interesting person in college football. I can’t, like, fake that," said Marks.

Expected to be a Day Three pick in next week's NFL draft, some of Marks' more memorable quotes while he was at Washington State included this nugget on UCLA warming up on WSU’s side of the field:

“I don't know if they do that to everybody, but it's just kinda douchey, you know? Is that O.K. to say? I mean, don’t cut that. Let’s be honest.”

• On if there had been a change in WSU’s team mentality: “We don’t go into games thinking we’re going to lose. That’s 2012 stuff.”

• Marks' take on the Cougars’ offense: “The distribution of the ball this year, it’s been more of a socialist state.”

• On quarterback Luke Falk’s running ability: “I think he believes more in his feet than he should, because it’s really bad looking when he takes off. It’s almost like a limp.”

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