Hand-wringing by some fans over the 'true' color of Cougar crimson is off base

WHAT DO PEOPLE think “Cougar Crimson” is, exactly? I've seen this ridiculous argument about the true color of crimson across all social media since WSU released photos of its new uniforms. While most reviews have been rave, some fans are complaining that the new unis are "not really crimson" or "not our true crimson.”

Many of these people appears to be very upset about it.

But why!?

The new unifoems are, in fact, perfectly, true, crimson. It boggles my mind that Washington State fans the world over are apparently clueless to what crimson even is.

Did you know there are many crimsons, a fact you could easily find with a simple search of Wikipedia?

Even more relevant, though, lis this one simple truth: The Cougar color scheme has been unified — and color usage disciplined across the sports — since Bill Moos and Nike aligned the look in 2011.

When Moos arrived he saw a major problem and set out to fix it. Washington State didn't have a true color scheme in place. So one of his first missions was to find one single crimson and one single gray for use in all sports, for all equipment, for all branding. The crimson then and the crimson now is/was pantone 201C. That's our crimson!

We begged for one, true, "real crimson" here on Cougfan back in 2011 on the eve of the unveiling of the new uniforms. It was then printed in the Spokesman and remained on the WSU News section of the official WSU website before the last iteration of uniforms was unveiled that the motto had become and continues to be "ONE CRIMSON" across all platforms for The Washington State University.

From Moos himself at the time: 

“One of my priorities when I became athletic director was to have a recognizable look across our department and athletic programs. We have what I and many believe to be the best logo in college athletics, yet we have not had the consistent look on our apparel or throughout our facilities that allows instant recognition for that brand ... From the outset of our discussions with Nike I challenged them to be innovative, unique and to align the look of Cougar athletics with the premier programs in America. After seeing the final product, I believe they delivered on all counts.”

Indeed, Nike has worked flawlessly with WSU to make this happen and have even gone a cut above to deliver the incredible anthracite look. And it's no secret either, not even a little bit; the formulas for WSU's official colors are on the WSU website for anybody to see, right here; .

To reiterate, the official crimson (and gray) at Washington State University is Washington State's specialized formula and is the exact same crimson that is on the field, basketball court and on every other sports jersey, helmet, pant, glove, wall, floor, gate, piece of equipment and logo on campus or off.

It is such a crimson that you cannot find it on a normal color wheel. It is such a crimson that WSU spent thousands of dollars extra to get the correct paint color made specially for those crimson end zones that beautifully adorn Martin Stadium. Same exact color as last season. Same exact color as it has been since 2011.

As you can see below, lighting conditions and wet weather can change the color slightly from game to game, but these are definitely the same colors. 


SINCE 2011:






That is pure crimson.

No, it doesn't look like Alabama (Bama's border more on purplish maroon, they never go all-crimson and WSU's helmets are shinier with red masks and no stripes, not to mention the font. And no, we don't look quite like Stanford (kind of a big distinction with the striped helmet and cardinal color, although the all-white vs icy-white look is pretty close.

At any rate, can we quit with all the fashion police stuff?

Also, I've seen multiple, ignorant complaints about this around the interwebs, so if you're one of those that needs a confirmation on whether anthracite is really an acceptable color for WSU athletics to use as part of the color scheme, you will find it at the bottom of Washington State's official Athletics Identity page.

Officially, the font is "Cougar Bold" (WSU/Nike TM). The colors are Crimson (Nike specialized for WSU), Gray (Nike specialized for WSU), Icy White (Nike specialized for WSU), Black, Silver and Anthracite (Nike specialized for WSU). Hasn't changed in six seasons. Won't be changing at least until Nike and/or Bill Moos is out as representatives of Washington State University.

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