One-time WSU Heisman Trophy finalist Ryan Leaf, sober five years, devoted to helping others

KELLY KOOPMANS, a proud graduate of Washington State's esteemed Murrow College, sat down with Cougar quarterbacking legend Ryan Leaf for an illuminating look at his life helping others recover from the same addiction that nearly killed him.

There was a time the one-time Heisman Trophy finalist couldn't go a day without pain pills. The addiction landed him in prison with thoughts of suicide.  Now, five years sober Leaf devotes everyday to helping others recover.

“It’s like being given this great gift, and then you give it away,” Leaf told Koopmans, of Seattle's KOMO-TV, about his recovery.

“If I can get clean and if I can be a contributor to society and be an honest person, then that’s a miracle,” said Leaf. “If you feel bad about yourself, it helps to go out and be of service to someone else and come home and feel good about where you are at in life.”

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