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With recruitment taking off, why Spokane WR Rodrick Fisher didn’t need any other offers and verballed to Wazzu

NEW COUGAR VERBAL Rodrick Fisher out of Spokane can fly. His goal this spring is to break the state’s 20-year old record in the 200 meters. WSU area recruiter and future position coach Dave Nichol was like “a kid in the candy store” when the East Valley High wide receiver verbally committed to the Cougs on Wednesday, dad and East Valley head coach Adam Fisher tells CF.C.

While this is technically his senior year, Fisher dropped out his sophomore year, was homeless for a time and fell behind academically. He has since made significant progress on the road back. He will apply for a hardship waiver for Fall 2017 that would allow him to finish up his high school degree in December, Adam Fisher tells CF.C. 

After this current term, Rodrick will take core credits this summer, with the waiver application and decision process taking place in August. Assuming the waiver is granted, he’ll then take the necessary final core credits and play football this fall, graduating from EV by Christmas and joining WSU early as part of its 2018 recruiting class.

“He’s done his SAT and he’s above the mark (though he just took it again) and his score will go up again after the results come in,” said Adam Fisher.

Rodrick has run a 10.54 in the 100 meters – but his time of 21.26 in the 200 meters is the fastest run in the state this year and top 50 nationally among high schoolers, Adam said. The all-time state record in the 200 is 21.02, set in 1997 by Ja’Warren Hooker, a former Husky. And Rodrick has his eye on it.

“There are only three kids on the West Coast who have run faster than him in the 200 … and those three kids probably aren’t football players who weigh 200 pounds,” said the elder Fisher. “If we have a good spring day, he might get in the 20’s. When he ran that 21.26 … he was congested with a cold.”

MEANWHILE, FISHER, a 6-2, 203-pound outside receiver, was really just starting to see his football recruitment take off.  Visiting Utah offered him on the spot when they saw his video, Adam said, joining WSU and Boise State. Fisher's phone has been ringing off the hook since the evaluation period began. So with his stock rising midway through the May evaluation period, why did Rodrick pull the trigger and go crimson on Wednesday?

Simply put, he loved everything about WSU and wants to stay close to his family, said Adam Fisher. While collecting offers has become a trend in recruiting, Rodrick isn’t thinking that way. Before he verballed to the Cougs, Adam asked Rodrick if he wanted him to contact other coaches he knows at various Power 5 schools. No need, said Rodrick.

“He said he didn’t need to have 10 or 50 offers … Washington State was the first major (school to offer) and he’s always been comfortable with them … Coach Dave Nichol (area recruiter and future position coach) and the WSU coaches are pumped. Coach Leach has personally wrote him in the last 10 days three letters that – I told Rodrick, ‘Buddy, this is as personal and as meaningful as it gets.’

“Washington State did a fantastic job of recruiting him. They were sincere, up front and were in constant contact in a positive way … he was getting 11 letters daily that were handwritten by the staff. It was genuine. You want to go where you’re wanted and I told him, it’s very apparent they want you.”

It wasn’t only the WSU coaches. During his second unofficial visit, he sat down with Dezmon Patmon and Tyler Hilinski to see what the players had to say about WSU. Rodrick was already enamored with the WSU facilities, coaches, and obviously the Air Raid offense, Adam said. And after sitting down with Patmon and Hilinski, seeing the dorms and getting a feel for the everyday life, there were no more boxes to check off. Rodrick knew it was the right fit, Adam said.

SO IN ADDITION to speed, what are the Cougs getting in Fisher?  Tremendous upside, the elder Fisher said. He was also quick to point out that’s not only his opinion, it’s what he’s heard time and time again this May as college recruiters have stopped into East Valley. 

“(Recruiters) have said you don’t have guys who run as fast as he does, with that kind of video and that (size). He’s still so raw. There are so many finer details that when he gets (them down) he’s going to explode. I’m saying all this as a coach, not as a dad,” said Fisher.

Fisher caught 49 passes last year in only a handful of games. Nine of them went for touchdowns.

“He’s only played one year of football when not under duress,” said Adam. “He only played five games as a junior and he was living out of a detached garage.

“Everybody’s rooting for him. I said back in the fall, we’re living “The Blind Side” movie … you can’t make it up.”

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