WSU’s Grant Porter may have just saved a life

BEING IN THE right place at the right time and carrying through can make all the difference in football. It can also apply to what happens off the field. That was the case this week when Washington State second-year freshman defensive back Grant Porter came across an individual in peril.

Early Wednesday morning, Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins tells, Porter and another individual came across a 24-year old man on the basketball court at an apartment complex in Pullman.

The man was about to hang himself.

“I think he very likely saved this guy’s life,” said Jenkins.

CF.C was unable to connect with Porter at press time but Jenkins said Porter noticed the individual standing on a folding chair with a strap around his neck attached to the basketball hoop. 

The individual also had his hands tied behind his back.

“They went and contacted him and the guy’s initial story was that he had been kidnapped but after they started talking to him, and (noticed) some things he was doing, they realized that wasn’t the case,” said Jenkins.

Porter helped talk him down, called the police and the individual was sitting in his car when the police arrived. The police log of the incident at 1880 NE Terre View Drive notes the subject was taken to the hospital.

“If he hadn’t come upon him, this guy could have hung himself, for sure -- so I definitely commend Mr. Porter,” said Jenkins.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.  For more information,

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