Robert Barber

Former Cougar nose tackle Robert Barber found not guilty of assault

A JURY on Tuesday found former Cougar nose tackle Robert Barber not guilty of second-degree assault charges stemming from a party last July, KREM2 in Spokane reports.

Barber was accused of assaulting Jackson Raney at that party, KREM2 reported.  But the jury on Tuesday ruled in Barber’s favor after hearing testimony from Barber, Raney and witnesses.

Recently, the Carolina Panthers initially agreed on an undrafted free agent contract with Barber but then dropped him when they learned of the assault charges, the Charlotte Observer reported.

WSU’s Student Conduct Board initially expelled Barber, later changing it to a long-term suspension that would effectively mean Barber would be unable to graduate from Washington State. 

Barber appealed the conduct board’s sanction through the legal system and Whitman County judge David Frazier granted a stay on Barber’s suspension which allowed him to return to the football team and to class, play in the last two games and to graduate from WSU. In February, the Whitman County Prosecutor charged him with second-degree assault, followed by today's not guilty verdict.


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