Cougar AD Bill Moos in wide-ranging discussion on items of interest that came out of the Pac-12 meetings

COUGAR AD BILL MOOS hasn’t forgotten the incongruity of guard Cody O’Connell being named unanimous All-American but only Pac-12 honorable mention last season. He tells CF.C he made a special point to mention it during the annual Pac-12 meetings earlier this month in Phoenix.

“When we were with the football coaches, I took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the head coaches being intimately involved in the all-conference team selections … today it gets passed on many times to the (SIDs) or an ops person … And of course I used the illustration of how we could have a unanimous first-team All-American player, and a finalist for the Outland Trophy, who only garnered honorable mention. I think it was received very well,” said Bill Moos.

The spring meetings are the one time a year the ADs can all meet for a day with the head coaches in football and basketball. The ADs then discuss amongst themselves various issues and legislation.

“There was a lot more listening than talking in this one,” said Moos. “There wasn’t a ton of debate. I think we came away from the meetings, I know I did, that the Pac-12 has creative ways of growing financially, and being willing to explore more ways to get television distribution out there.”

Moos said there was nothing new on the DirecTV front for the Pac-12 Network. Also, more over-the-top providers are fast becoming available (YouTube TV and Hulu TV among the latest) with the Big Ten Network and SEC Network among their offerings, but not the Pac-12 Network.

“What we continue to fight is distribution and how we can get our story out,” said Moos. “And most importantly to the Pac-12 footprint, but also so as many people as possible across the country can appreciate and be entertained by Pac-12 athletics … At this point there’s no good news there (on DirecTV).”

Moos said other topics of discussion included implementing NCAA legislation on student-athlete time demands and the new rules regarding the recruiting process with the early signing period, the 10th football coach, the abolition of two-a-day practices and the proposed four-game leniency on redshirts.  Moos also said the amount of night football game inventory looks to be about the same as last season and the conference’s bowl affiliations remain the same.

“Personally, I like our bowl lineup. You always want to explore the various options that are out there, I’ve always tended to want to be partnered with bowls that are easiest for our fans to get to,” said Moos.

Moos also weighed in on Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

“I’ve been impressed with Larry Scott and I’m a fan of Larry’s," said Moos. "I think Larry has grown in the position and I think he’s a far better listener.

"I really applaud his efforts to come to our campuses, which he’s doing now (to) develop strategies that will benefit the conference but also the individual campuses which are so different … I don’t think Larry was completely aware or engaged with that until the last two years. And I really applaud him for that because I think it’s helping with the progress we’re making with the conference as a whole."

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