State-of-the-art residence hall home to Cougars' incoming class of football recruits

IT DOESN'T GET much attention compared to glossy football-only complexes and stadium expansion projects. But where an incoming freshman recruit lives on campus is perhaps the next front in the athletics arms race. Washington State looks to be positioned nicely in that regard.

Every freshman in Mike Leach's new recruiting class will be living in WSU's Northside Residence Hall this fall. Indeed, WSU endeavors to put all of its freshman student-athletes in Northside.

The five-story, 300-room co-ed hall state-of-the-art facility opened in 2013 and is located across Colorado Street from Mooberry Track and Hollingbery Fieldhouse.

We've searched online and made a few phone calls and unless another Pac-12 school has built something in the last year we couldn't find, no other school in the conference appears to have on-campus housing that beats it -- or is as proximate to campus.

Why is that important?

Every football staff benefits by being able to recruit to strong facilities. WSU can also point with pride to  where their new football recruits will live.

Northside includes pianos in the lobbies, kitchenettes at the end of each hall, laundry facilities, recreation lounges, an inviting common area and more.

The outdoor patio/deck and courtyard also are among the shared amenities.

Each floor is home to 75 residents and is sub-divided into a west community of 37 and an east community of 38.  There are various room options, including singles, doubles and suites.



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