The old Coug recruiting adage? Not this class

THE OLD Mike Price and Jim Walden recruiting adage -- that you look for your hosses nearby -- is not in play for the Cougs in 2018.

In looking at uncommitted prospects, Washington State has only one offer out to a Pacific Northwest product, Sammamish's Matthew Cindric.  Meanwhile, there are nine known offers out to California o-linemen.

Last year at this time it was the exact opposite: seven of the 10 known early WSU o-line offers were to Pacific Northwest products.

Aside from geography, what stands out about the 2018 group from California: height.  Mike Leach likes tall offensive linemen and these guys fit the bill -- seven of them are 6-5 or taller.

THE OTHER PART of the Price-Walden adage, that you gets your hands people in California, still holds true in the 2018 cycle. Of the seven known offers to running backs, six are to California prospects. Meanwhile, WSU has offered a ton of wide receivers this class, there are 26 known offers out to uncommitted prospects. California leads the way by a wide margin with 12.  

But WSU has also branched out at WR for the 2018 class.  if you add up all the other states represented by a WSU offer to a WR, you come up with a total of 14 offers flung out over the nation.

IF YOU LOOK at the projected starters on the Cougars’ offensive line this season, and at the 10 returning hands people we figure are in line for the most touches, you’ll still find shades of the Price-Walden adage.

Three of the five projected starting O-linemen are from the state of Washington (Cole Madison, Andre Dillard and Cody O’Connell).  And it could wind up being four of five. B.J. Salmonson is from Everson, Wash., and is locked in a tight battle at right guard with Robert Valencia, a transfer out of City of San Francisco College.

Of the top 10 returning hands people, seven are from California (Robert Lewis, Kyle Sweet, James Williams, Jamal Morrow, Gerard Wicks, Renard Bell, C.J. Dimry), three are from Florida (Tavares Martin, Keith Harrington and Isaiah Johnson-Mack), and none are from the Pacific Northwest.

There are also three rookies from California (Easop Winston, Jamire Calvin) and Florida (Travell Harris) with a lot of buzz headed into this season who are expected to push for turns. And in the case of Winston, who went through spring ball, he already is doing exactly that.

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