A lefty QB in Cougarville? Chill guys. It's not a big deal, Camm Cooper tells CF.C

A LEFTY RUNNING the Washington State offense? Since 4-star QB Camm Cooper -- a lefty -- verbaled to Washington State over the weekend, the crimson faithful have turned cyberspace into an ongoing discussion about a southpaw lining up under center at Martin Stadium.

You'd think the guy had three eyes or something.

Granted, being a lefty is uncommon -- only 10 percent of the population is so oriented. But when it comes to playing quarterback, it's not like the cupboard of notables is bare. The list includes the likes of Ken Stabler, Steve Young, Michael Vick, Boomer Esiason, Jim Zorn, Mark Brunell and Kellen Moore. 

For the record, any dude who has something in common with a guy dubbed The Snake is on the right .. make that .. correct side of history.

Lefty QBs aren't unheard of on the Palouse, either. In the '90s, the Cougars had two starters who were southpaws: Brad Gossen and Steve Birnbaum.

Still, facts are facts: a left-hander behind center is rare -- and getting rarer when you look over current NFL rosters. Brunell, who spent 19 years in the NFL, lamented his kind a dying breed, telling the Chicago Tribune in 2015 that "we need someone to relight and carry the torch for us ... we could become extinct here soon."

Oh, the plight of the maligned lefties.

"Throughout history, Western history that is ... there has always been a sort of negative whiff around left-handedness, because it was different and, therefore a bit, well, suspect," author Rik Smits (a lefty) told NPR a few years ago following release of his book, The Puzzle of Left-Handedness. Hand preference, he adds, isn't inherited the way traits like eye and hair color are, and no one is quite sure why it arose.

Cooper , a 6-4, 200 pounder from Lehi, Utah, certainly isn't going to obsess over the matter.

“Honestly, I don’t think there’s that much different other than I’m using my other hand,” Cooper tells Cougfan.com. “My accuracy is one of my biggest strengths and I pride myself on that. At WSU, accuracy is huge and Luke (Falk) throws everywhere. I feel like I’m quick-minded like Luke, too.

“Being left handed, it’s really nothing special. You still have to go out and make the throws. For fans, I guess it could just be cool to watch.”


Of course, there is one distinct difference with a lefty calling the signals, Cooper notes: the right tackle rather than the left tackle becomes the master of blindside protection.

And Cooper plans to lend a helping hand to his own health.

“I know how important recruiting the offensive line is for WSU,” he said. “Since the beginning, the coaches have been telling me they’ve got one of the biggest lines in the nation. They want me to speak with some guys and get them to come up to WSU with me. I’m all for it.

“I’m ready to talk to recruits about coming to Washington State and putting this class together. They’ll be taking 4-5 lineman in this class and the O-line is key for the whole offense. Without them, I can’t do anything.”

THROWING FROM THE LEFT ISN'T THE ONLY Cooper signature that Cougar fans have focused on. His long, seemingly wind-swept hair is a preoccupation as well -- to the point that "Sunshine," the nickname bestowed on Remember the Titans quarterback Ronnie Bass, is being tossed Cooper's way.

“Oh man, I get that a lot so it’s cool,” Cooper said with a chuckle. “Whatever they (WSU fans) want I’m all for. On my team now, it’s been Sunshine for a while. I’m planning on growing my hair out for the season, too.

"I’m not going to cut it until after the season, or I might even wait until I get to WSU. It’s always going to stay longer, though. I’m not going to get a buzz cut or anything like that.”


1. Babe Ruth 

2. Bill Russell

3. Wayne Gretzky

4. Sandy Koufax

5. Barry Bonds


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