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Yogi Roth, after watching him all weekend, says WSU Elite 11 quarterback Camm Cooper will thrive in Mike Leach's Air Raid offense

YOGI ROTH has been one of Elite 11 honchos for nearly a decade and was a keen observer at the finals this past weekend. So with Camm Cooper playing his way into the Elite 11, CF.C wanted to know what Roth thought of the 4-star Cougar QB verbal and how he sees the fit with Washington State.

Washington State, Roth said, is the perfect fit for Cooper.

"He's going to thrive," said Roth. "His anticipatory skills, you could argue, were as good as anybody's if not the best. In our setting, his athleticism with the QB run game, you look at some of the things he could add to that dynamic offense... And then the passion he plays with just aligns so directly with Mike Leach.

"He also has a chip on his shoulder that comes out every time he plays. You look at what you need to do in Coach Leach's offense and he is a gifted passer with a heckuva lot of anticipatory skills ... They're going to need a quarterback there after Luke leaves and he's going to make the (quarterbacks) room better right away whether he's the starter or not."

Cooper started slowly at the Elite 11 finals but then "leaned in" and finished with a flourish, Roth said.

"His play the first day, the first 1 1/2 days, didn't mirror how much he dominated on (game) film. But he kept leaning in, leaning in and kept it together. And then (Sunday) he absolutely ripped it, probably had the best performance in 7 on 7 among all the quarterbacks -- it was exactly what you saw on the film ... he put it all together on the final day when it mattered most," said Roth.

A big part of that was how Cooper spun it, said Roth.

"His ball finishes well -- we always like to say, 'Can the ball speak?' meaning the revolutions. It's not how powerful the arm is, it's how the ball spins. And if it spins well, it finishes well ... and he has that type of ability as a passer. I was really pumped that he played really well on Sunday," said Roth.

As a member of the Elite 11, Cooper will participate as one of 166 players from across the nation invited to The Opening in Beaverton on June 28 - July 3. 

"I'm so excited to get him at The Opening because that's when we'll really dive into so much ... he's going to get a playbook that has over 80 concepts ... a blend from the Air Raid to spread offenses to run/pass option offenses to West Coast. It's a different terminology than these guys have been around, I'm excited to see how he absorbs it," said Roth.


  • Cooper was selected to the Elite 11 from a finals field of 25 this past weekend.
  • Roth, who is best known for his work as a top-notch analyst on the Pac-12 Network, is heavily involved in the Elite 11.  "I'm the host, a coach and I produce it as well," he said.
  • The Elite 11 also focuses on the off-field aspects, said Roth.  "We take them beyond the X's and O's. It's training, development, awareness of how to treat women, we really go into a lot of things."

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