Video: The growing legend of Luke Falk in 71 seconds

A RECORD-BREAKING quarterback, great photos and some electric guitar. What better way to blend 71 seconds for a little preseason video hype around Heisman contender Luke Falk pegs Falk among the top seven Heisman contenders and writes: "When you throw for 4,500 yards with remarkable consistency for two years in a row, there is no other conclusion to draw about Year Three." this spring tabbed Falk among its top six under-the-radar Heisman contenders, writing: "Falk’s checked in at about seven yards per attempt in recent years. If he can get that number to eight as a senior (with the same number of passes, this would get him to over 5,000 yards), and Washington State has a good season, Falk will be on the radar."


• Senior RB Jerome Harrison (ninth in 2005);
• Senior QB Jason Gesser (seventh in 2002);
• Junior QB Ryan Leaf (third in 1997);
• Junior QB Drew Bledsoe (eighth in 1993);
• Junior QB Timm Rosenbach (seventh in 1988);
• Junior RB Rueben Mayes (tenth in 1984); 
• Senior QB Jack Thompson (ninth in 1978), and
• Senior QB Ed Goddard (records unclear; eighth, ninth or tenth in 1936).

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