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A DOMINATING VICTORY against a Top 20 opponent, and in their house to boot, is always impressive. Some might even say it is cause for celebration. But there are always new tests, new challenges that await the following Saturday. And celebrating too early is a path fraught with danger. To wit: The following cautionary tale.

Bolton's not present for the Mailbag this week.  Officially, Bolton is on vacation.  Unofficially, Bolton was over in Montlake pointing & laughing.  The objects of his derision, the usual assortment of sweater-vested denizens, were suddenly quarantined on suspicion of Monkeypox.  Sadly, Bolton was swept up in the confusion.  He'll get out of isolation in the next day or two.


While Bolton is making time with the nurses, he asked Jimmy, his most trusted imaginary friend, to just scrap the column for this week.  Jimmy declines.  Because through rain, snow, sleet and Monkeypox - Jimmy delivers the mail.


The Jimmy Mail

From: Anonymous

If Barbara Hedges were a color, what color would she be?


A:  Blonde No. 5


From: Keith S.

I saw Trandon Harvey suffered that injury du jour, the "high ankle sprain", Can you explain exactly what a high ankle sprain is, and the difference between it and just an "ankle sprain"?


A:  First of all, Jimmy is not a doctor.  But Jimmy saw an episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman once, so hell, Jimmy's certainly qualified to answer.  A high ankle sprain is so named because the injury occurs above the joint. 


The vast majority of ankle sprains are lateral sprains, where the foot and ankle are twisted inward or, put another way, when the ankle is ‘rolled over'.  This injury affects the ligaments supporting the subtalar joint; its not nearly as problematic as a high ankle sprain.


The high ankle sprain injures the syndesmotic ligaments connecting the tibia and fibula.  It's caused by an outward twisting of the foot and ankle.  ‘Severe' high ankle sprains may require surgery if the displacement of the bones is significant enough.  Regardless of severity, the high ankle sprain takes longer to heal; the damage is simply greater. 


Its not uncommon for a player to be sidelined 4, 6, even 10 weeks with a high ankle sprain.  What Jason Gesser did against UCLA two weeks after suffering his high ankle sprain remains one of Jimmy's all-time favorite displays of sheer will.


From: Anonymous

This isn't football related.  Madonna and Britney's kiss at the MTV Music Awards, was that some sweet action or what?


A:  Jimmy doesn't know what all the fuss is about - When Reggie planted one on Cody at the NW Championship Trophy presentation, it wasn't such a big deal.  (Bolton just emailed Jimmy and said that never actually happened.  Sure it didn't.  Next Bolton will be telling Jimmy the NWC is a myth.  Bolton.  He's so naïve.  What a sweet kid.)


From: Anonymous

Who did we beat out for Sammy Moore.  A little help, please?


A:  The competition for The Hammer was pretty fierce - both times.  And it depends on who you ask; what coach wants to admit they didn't win a recruiting battle?  Jimmy believes you may be thinking of Kansas State; the Wildcats went after Moore hard out of Bakersfield CC. 


Also very highly recruited out of high school, Moore stayed home and signed with ASU over the UW and Nebraska, among many others, before going the JUCO route.  Jimmy thinks WSU is fortunate to have him - and Jimmy also thinks Moore is fortunate to have WSU.


Jimmy notes both times Moore signed, the recruiting coordinator at Washington State and ASU was the same man - Robin Pflugrad.


From: Anonymous

What do you think the key is to beating New Mexico?


A:  Jimmy could say shutting down the Lobos' vaunted running attack is a good place to start.  Jimmy could stress that despite being down 21 points and eventually losing 42-28 to Texas Tech, the Lobos still ran the ball 51 times.  Jimmy could pull stats from the BYU game; 48 carries, and again NM won the TOP battle. 


But this week, Jimmy wants to put it in these terms: Take their heart.  And then.. Finish.


From: Jack L.

What was Martin Stadium called originally, wasn't it Rogers Field? 


A:  Built in 1892, the stadium was originally called Soldier Field.  It was renamed Rogers Field in 1902.  The stadium was completely rebuilt in 1936 but retained the same name, (even though The Jimmy Field would have been a fine choice.)  After a fire destroyed the south stands in 1970, it was rebuilt and christened Martin Stadium.


From: Robert

Seeing Ralphie made me wonder, when was the last time WSU had an actual live Cougar as their mascot?


A:  First off, let Jimmy state that Ralphie is the best mascot in all of college football.  Still, if Butch VII currently roamed the sidelines at Martin Stadium, Jimmy would have to reconsider.  The last live mascot on campus was Butch VI, who passed away in the summer of 1978. 


WSU's opponent this Saturday, the Lobos, also had a live Lobo as their mascot - albeit briefly.  The wolf bit someone in the late 20s after being teased; a live mascot hasn't really been part of the athletics scene at New Mexico since.


For those interested in such things and on a related note, the nurses told Bolton that Affleck never really broke up with J-Lobo.  Evidently, the very same people reporting the couple had split were also the ones reporting WSU was the 7th best team in the Pac-10.  So pay that hearsay no mind.



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