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SURE, WHEN THE season began, and as far as Pac-10 openers go, the Cougs at Autzen always figured to be a big game. But between two teams with a combined record of 7-1? And that it would be the only contest this Saturday between two Top 25 teams? Who knew. Still, it pales in comparison to the omnipresent question; where can one view and/or listen to the game.

From: Anonymous
Hi, Mr. CF.CMailbag.  Long time listener, first time caller.  Is the Oregon game on tv?  And can you provide the local listings information for Nova Scotia?  And what's the broadcast skinny on the Colorado game, I don't want to miss that one!

A:  You're killing me.  You're just killing me.

From: Bill H.
How does Kyle Basler stack up against other Cougar punters - I know its pretty early in the season yet... but he's gotta be up there.

A:  The school record for punting average in a season is held by Jason Hanson, with a 45.4 yard average in 1990. (The team average for that year is 44.78)   Basler currently has a 44.83 yard average; which if it holds true for a full season, would place him second all-time.

From: Janet
How do you pronounce Chris Bruhn's name.  I've heard it pronounced "Bruin".. ?

A:  Per the SID office at Washington State, it is pronounced "Broon or Brewn."

From: Anonymous
I have three questions, are you ready?  (A:  No.)  Great, Question #1.  Can you explain what "quiet periods" and "dead periods" are?

A:  First off, I'm assuming you're talking about recruiting -- and not what takes place the three hours or so on Saturdays at Husky Stadium.

A quiet period is when it is permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts only on the member institution's campus.  Insert RN joke here.

A dead period means it is not permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts, or evaluations on- or off-campus, or to permit official or unofficial visits.  Insert 'I really miss RN' joke here.

Since you didn't ask, here's an overview of the schedule, (subject to change):

(a)     August 1, 2003 through November 30, 2003 [except for
          (1) and (2) below] :

        (1)   In Division I-A football, six days during the months
               of September 2003, October 2003 and through the
               last Saturday in November 2003 selected at the
              discretion of the institution (an authorized off-campus
              recruiter may visit a particular educational institution
             only once during this evaluation period):

        (2)   In Division I-AA football, 42 evaluation days (see 
                Bylaw during the months of September 
                2003, October 2003 and through the last Saturday
                in November 2003 (not to exceed a period of 42 
                calendar days) selected at the discretion of the
                member institution and designated in writing in 
                 the office of the director of athletics; authorized 
                 off-campus recruiters shall not visit a prospect's 
                 educational institution on more than one calendar 
                 day during this period.

Quiet Period

Evaluation Period



(b)     December 1, 2003 through January 31, 2004 [except
          for (1) though (6)  below] - Six in-person off-campus
          contacts per prospective student-athlete shall be
          permitted during this time period with not more than one 
          permitted in any one calendar week (Sunday through
         Saturday) or partial calendar week:


Contact Period



         (1)  December 21, 2003 (The Sunday after the third
               Saturday in December):

        (2)   December 22, 2003 through January 1, 2004:

        (3)   January 2, 2004:

        (4)   January 3, 2004 and January 4, 2004:

        (5)   January 5, 2004 through January 8, 2004:

        (6)   January 9, 2004 and January 10, 2004:

Additional restrictions in (1), (2) and (3) below for two-year college prospects and their educational institutions:

       (1)   December 14, 2003:

       (2)   December 15, 2003 through December 18, 2003:

       (3)   December 19, 2003:

Quiet Period

Dead Period

Dead Period

Quiet Period

Dead Period

Quiet Period


Quiet Period

Dead Period

Quiet Period


(c)   February 1, 2004:

Quiet Period

(d)   February 2, 2004 through February 5, 2004:

Dead Period

Question #2
How many scholarships does WSU have to give this year?

A:  That number can remain in flux all the way up until Signing Day as scholarships become available for a variety of reasons. One thing is certain; it'll be more than the 16 that were available for the previous year's class.  It is still very early -- but in the Pac-10 as of this moment, Washington State has already received nine verbals, second behind UCLA's ten.

Question #3
Didn't the number of scholarships a school could give out used to be higher a couple years ago?

A:  A ceiling was first implemented in 1974, setting the bar at 105 schollies. (It was known in some circles as "The Johnny Majors Rule" since the year previously, Majors put 86 freshmen on scholarship. In 1977, it became 95. Eventually, the current level of 85 was set; that number has been in place since September 1, 1994.
In addition to the 85 players on scholarship, the Cougs carry about 35 walk-ons for a total of 120 players. Coach
Bill Doba was talking about this just the other night on his radio show. The show is scheduled for Tuesday nights at 7pm PST. Check local listings (especially if you're in Nova Scotia) for the station in your area, its well worth the listen. Legendary broadcaster Bob Robertson hosts the hour from the Hilltop restaurant.

From: Anonymous
How come (that one) story is cut off, I was reading it and

A:  Sometimes there are glitches. It was fixed pretty quickly. For more information, see

From: Christian
At night, why is the clock on Bryan Tower red?

A:  Its crimson.

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