The Joe Cougfan Report, No.10

55-16?! Well, that was quite a display. I'm typing this column standing up, because I spent all of Saturday kicking myself for not making the trip to Eugene. While the victory and subsequent celebration helped dull the pain, my buzz has worn off. So if the column sucks, can I blame the football team? This literary disaster certainly can't be my fault.

One of the biggest things I've noticed about the ‘03 Cougars is that nobody on this team seems to be looking to anyone else to make a play. 

It's simply a team effort by the Cougs, as evidenced by Saturday's showing: six different Cougars scored a TD.  And six different Cougars intercepted a pass. 

I think it's safe to say everybody contributed to this win.  Well, everybody on the Washington State side, that is -- don't think the Oregon band was much of a factor.  I kept looking for the roller derby rink they were apparently there to skate in..

And sure, WSU got a lot of good bounces, but they also created most of those bounces.  The ones they didn't create, they still took advantage of.  That's what good teams do. 

Snap difficulties aside, Matt Kegel took care of the ball, (while absorbing some horrendous shots), and played some pretty smart football.  And somewhat overlooked - Kegel connected on three touchdown passes Saturday. 

My favorite image from Saturday's game was of Oregon's defense -- sitting on the sideline in their green, high-tech cool-down Smurf hats, bewildered how they had gotten besmurfed in their own house. 

Maybe the video game version of WSU (available in Oregon's Circuit City/Locker Room) isn't as good as the real one.

I'm wondering if we cashed in about 5 years' worth (maybe some of the sixties and the last two years of the nineties) of karma on Saturday.  While I enjoyed the result, I'd appreciate it if we used it a little more sparingly.  Sure, we've had some games and seasons for which the football gods have yet to repay us, but there aren't that many.

WSU took advantage of a lot of UO miscues, and Jeremy Bohannon seemed to be the leader of the Opportunity patrol, (as well as the fifth Coug this season in as many weeks to take home All-Pac 10 honors.)  When Oregon made a mistake -- Bohannon was right on top of it.  Great game for him.

In the fourth quarter, Adam Braidwood tipped a pass that was intercepted by fellow Canuck Aaron Wagner.  Made me want to watch hockey, drink Molson and eat a back bacon sandwich, eh.  But I was too busy kicking myself.

The Ducks just don't seem to be taking the Northwest Championship Series to heart.  In their last three against NW rivals, UO has lost by a combined score of 142 to 55.  Come on guys, this is a big deal for that other school in Washington.  They don't like their goofy contrivances to be taken lightly. 

Good to see big Josh Shavies playing well, especially in light of Steve Cook's absence.  Disrupting the heck out of the Oregon passing game, deflecting passes (two of which led to interceptions), flushing the QB out of the pocket -- you'd think he had played in Autzen before.  Oh, right.  He has.

I'm getting ahead of myself but in three weeks, WSU could very well be 6-1.  And Notre Dame could very well be 1-6 -- I think I'm gonna be sick.

Am I the only person who's happy we don't play Cal this year?  In what was supposed to be a rebuilding year, Jeff Tedford has coached the hell out of the Golden Bears, putting Pete Carroll and Norm Chow to shame on Saturday. 

Looks like the USC "return to dominance" hit a bump in the road.  Can't say I feel bad.  But where were those genius labels Carroll and Chow have been sporting the last several months?  Didn't see them on Saturday.

Great.  They fired John Mackovic.  The last thing I wanted was for anyone to shake up Arizona the week before they come to Pullman. 

And we miss out on watching Mackovic pace the sideline with that "I think there's somebody behind me with a blunt object, but I'm scared to look" expression on his face. 

How much must it suck to be a football fan in Arizona right now?  You have the Cardinals, Wildcats and Sun Devils to choose from.  On the plus side, good seats are still available everywhere.

So now it's homecoming week and the Wildcats are coming to town with nothing to lose.  Should be a great Cougar weekend, hope to see you there!

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