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I LIKE THE thought of a bye week. Really, I do. The Cougs could use the time to heal up, rest up and come back strong for the second-half stretch drive. But if I could bring up one small concern for a moment: Just what the hell am I supposed to do this Saturday?! Well, I can always look to the future, I suppose. Specifically, recruiting seems to be on the minds of many.

From: Ron
Amazing job in recruiting so far.  Looks like its shaping up to be an outstanding class! 
Is this the most early (verbal) commits WSU has ever had? 

A:  Yep, believe so, although research is still ongoing.  With Ian Bell and Cole Morgan giving their verbal commitment to coach Bill Doba and staff this past week, the tally now stands at 11.  Again, just so that's clear, the number of verbal commitments is now at 11.  Expressed phonetically, that number would be eleven.  (Damn, I like Doba.) 

Washington State is now tied for the Pac-10 lead in verbal commitments.  UCLA also has eleven.

From: Anonymous
I (also) posted the following:  Has the WSU Athletic Hall of Fame been restored/reenergized?  I seem to recall that was one of the things Jim Sterk was going to do.  I'd love to see a campaign pushing some Crimson Soldiers for induction very soon.  I believe its an ideal time to recognize some from the past - but also some very recent Cougars.  Not sure what the nomination/selection criteria is but Jason Gesser, Lamont Thompson, Rien Long and Marcus Trufant are names that should be considered.

A:  Good points.  Some background; The Washington State University Hall of Fame is comprised solely of former WSU athletes, coaches and administrators.  Nominations from the general public are accepted each Spring.  The WSU Athletic Hall-of-Fame Council then votes to determine membership.

After the 1993 class, no new members were inducted into the Hall for the rest of the decade and interest was not as high as it might have been.  Mr. Sterk resolved to change all that when he took the reins of the Athletic Department in 2000.  And he did.  He was on hand in 2002 as six new members were inducted into the Hall.  They were; Drew Bledsoe, John Chaplin, Jason Hanson, John Olerud, Bob Robertson, Sarah Silvernail. 

If you wish, send in a nomination when spring rolls around.  By all means, there are many Cougars deserving of consideration.

From: John
How many weeks in the past three seasons have we been ranked in the top 25?

A:  The Cougs have been ranked 32 weeks over the course of the past three seasons, to date.  It includes a school record 28 straight weeks during the 2001 and 2002 seasons. 

That streak came to an end at the beginning of this year.  Washington State made its first appearance in '03 on September 14th in both the Coaches and AP polls.

From: Tod
What did you do with Jimmy?  Did the clowns get him?  I never liked clowns.

A:  Officially, he's on hiatus.  He left suddenly, heading down to Scottsdale to quell a possible riot.  He was pretty worked up on his way out the door, saying, "Jimmy's going down to the desert.  Jimmy might have to crack some skulls."

Unofficially, I thought he may have suffered from overexposure.   He may return at some point.

Clowns.  I have little use for them myself.  Unless we're talking about the ones in some of the Administration offices over there in Montlake.  Because I am in full support of their efforts.  I even sent them a box o' giant clown shoes a while back.  I'm nothing if not considerate.

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