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OF PRIMARY INTEREST every single week of the season is the latest injury news on the Washington State Cougars. And of course, the polls, rankings and BCS are on the minds of more than just a few Cougs these days. But first things first; we begin with a correction of an item from a few weeks back.

Editor's note: The technique change Graham Siderius used on kickoffs was incorrectly reported by this Editor as one both Siderius and coach Bill Doba came up with.  Doba has told CF.C that in actuality, it was Siderius' idea, and the credit should go to the RS Sophomore.  (Maybe I should get my hearing checked by Dr. Feel Good.)


From: Anonymous
Any injury update on Mike Shelford?  Sounds like he might not play again this year..  Is there a set schedule when injury news comes out?

A:  The nerve hasn't consistently fired, so the strength has not returned to normal.  It is unexpected, but not exceptional, that a stinger will take this long to heal.  It has also been something of a roller coaster for the senior - Doba has noted there have been days Shelford's felt better, followed by days where the strength has retreated.  


CF.C has been providing injury news updates this season, along with other news and notes, every Thursday and Sunday evening.  If you can't check in that night, be sure and take a look on Friday and Monday mornings.  As of this Thursday, we'll begin to title them as such, to try and ensure the injury news doesn't slip under the radar. 


Alert:  There will be new information on the status of Shelford later tonight on CF.C

From: Gerald
You made a reference to the NY Times computer poll last week.  If memory serves, weren't they kicked out of the BCS a while back?

A:  It was more of a damning condemnation than a reference but yes, indeed they were shown the door.  Before the 2001 season, the BCS committee removed the NY Times and the Dunkel index and replaced them with Peter Wolfe and Wes Colley.  The stated reason was because the NY Times refused to remove their "margin of victory" component. 

After the 2001 season the NY Times capitulated, reconfiguring their super-secret methodology, and were re-admitted to the BCS.

By the way, the No 24 team in this week's NY Times rankings is Notre Dame, 2-4 on the year.  Languishing behind the Irish in a tie for 29th is a 6-2 Michigan team.  In their head to head, Michigan crushed Notre Dame 38-0 this season. 

From: Eric
Besides the AP and Coaches', what computer polls are used in the BCS?  And when is it the Rose Bowl's turn to host the title game?

A:  Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin's USA Today (ELO-CHESS), Peter Wolfe and New York Times rankings. The lowest (worst) computer ranking is disregarded and the average of the remaining six is used for the computer component. 


The BCS runs through the 2005 season and 2006 Bowl season - which is also when the Rose Bowl will host the National Championship game.


From: Arnold
How many players do we have on the roster that are from the great state of California?

A:  Thanks for your interest and tell Maria we say ‘Hey'.  California is the second most represented state on the Cougar roster with 35.  Washington (56) tops the list that boasts players from an additional 12 states.  Also represented are the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.


From: Anonymous
Why do they sound that air-raid siren in Husky Stadium after a touchdown?

A:  Purely coincidental timing.  Its actually signals the swing shift for the NCAA investigators on campus. 


We have no idea.  As long as they're happy with their touchdown celebration, that's all that really matters, whatever makes them feel good. 

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