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HOW DOES ONE explain the inexplicable? If you're the Pac-10 Coordinator of Football Officiating, you first attempt to deflect the issues and then you re-direct the criticism. The only problem is that nobody's buying it. Also, a phenomenal Cougar MLB, Men's Hoops and more are inside this week's Mailbag.

From: Nick
Just wondering if the Pac-10 has issued any statement regarding the officiating in the USC game.  Throwing flags, taking way too long to make the calls, etc (which game they were watching I am not sure.)

A:  Pac-10 Supervisor of Officials, Verle Sorgen, was quoted Thursday in The Seattle Times as follows:
"E-mail is too bad in that regard. When people used to write letters, they had a chance to pause and reflect. Now they go in at halftime and vent their spleen."

"There were three or four downgrades (on calls)," Sorgen said. "But that's typical in a game. These happen to have drawn a lot more attention. Dan Fouts tends to get a little worked up on some things."

"The easy answer would be to call him offsides," he says. "Unfortunately, in every tape I've looked at, we don't have a clear, straight shot down the line of scrimmage. When (the defender) starts to move, he apparently realizes he's premature, his head and shoulders veer off to his left and he tries to recoil. Whether that kept him out of the neutral zone, I'm not prepared to say."
Referring to ousted officials, Sorgen says, "We might average one a year."

In pausing and reflecting, Mr. Sorgen, a few thoughts.. It is just as clear as it was on Saturday that there was a multiple number of calls that were incorrect/missed/blown -- not three or four.  It is also clear it has nothing to do with "easy" answers, it has to do with the right answers. 

There is never a camera continually on the line of scrimmage in any game, although perhaps there should be.. Ya think?  Regardless, that is simply not a valid explanation - replay angles are conclusive.  It was offsides.  The helmet is far beyond the initial entry point of the neutral zone; to imply or state otherwise is futile.

Of the two fumbles never called, both occurred early in the first half and took away golden chances for the Cougs to seize the game's momentum.  

The officials performance in this game was terrible.  To imply it is similar to other games and that it's the norm is offensive.  To also dismiss this as not being part of an alarming trend this season is absurd.  There is a monumental problem with the officiating in the Pac-10.  Get on it.   Hugs and kisses,  Barry Bolton and his spleen

From: Anonymous
What's the tally on early recruits so far?


A:  Here is the current count according to Insiders recruiting services:


Washington State - 11 *

Arizona - 4

Arizona State - 6

Cal - 4

Oregon - 5

Oregon State - 10

UCLA - 9 *

Southern Cal - 8

Washington - 9


* total does not include "soft verbals"


From: Steve
What's the Cougs' record for (total) tackles in a game, season? 

A:  Tops on both lists is Brian Forde.  He had a mind bending 28 tackles against California in 1985.  He also holds down four of the Top Ten spots for total tackles in a game; No. 2 with 25 against Michigan in 1987,  No. 4 with 24 against Stanford in 1986,  and No. 8 with 20 against Arizona, also in 1986.

For total tackles in a season, Forde's 157 sticks in 1986 leads the way.  He also holds the No. 5 spot with 141 the following year, in 1987.

From: Bill
I know it's the stretch drive for football, and I'm all over it, but I need some hoops news on the Cougs.  Feed me.

A:  Here's something.  The Pac-10 media poll for Men's Basketball just came out on Thursday of this week.  They predict the Cougs to finish 9th.  We're pretty confident Dick Bennett and the Cougs will have something to say about that.   

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