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THE QUOTABLE QUOTES are flowing like diarrhea following that stinker of a game between the Cougs and Bruins. But a win's a win, and the Cougars are back up to No. 8 in the land. Here, we relive some of the glorious slop that was served up Saturday.

"It was an eyesore and an abomination. It was college football's version of the Jerry Springer Show a split-second before the aggrieved bride throws a chair over her sister-in-law."
John McGrath, Tacoma News Tribune

"There was only one thing as frustrating to Matt Moore as watching UCLA commit seven turnovers and lose the game. Seeing Washington State commit seven and win it, 31-13."
Robyn Norwood, Los Angeles Times

"On Broadway, when they announce the understudy, snooty patrons groan and head for the exits. In football, everyone braces for the car wreck and cannot look away. And, yes, there was some carnage out there on Cougar Boulevard, as you can imagine just by looking at Swogger's line: 16 passes, 5 completions, 2 picks, 82 yards."
John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"It's nice not to play real well and still win."
Head coach Bill Doba

"If Erik Coleman isn't voted first-team all-Pac-10, there is no God. Every time you looked up, he was in the middle of things --- forcing fumbles, picking off passes and tackling damn near every Bruin under that lunar-eclipsed moon overhead. In fact, Erik looked like he was from another planet the way he dominated out there. The guy was other-worldly. Period."
Pat Mitchell, CF.C Associate Editor

"Cue the season theme for Washington State: A big-time, BCS-bowl-worthy defensive effort that shook the Bruins into seven turnovers, but a herky-jerky, here-and-gone offense that made seven turnovers of its own."
Bud Withers, Seattle Times

"Just as all babies are beautiful to their parents, all victories are beautiful to winning coaches. That's why Washington State coaches were smiling proudly Saturday."
Don Ruiz, Tacoma News Tribune

"The pretending is over, and, for the most part, so is UCLA's season despite games with Oregon and USC remaining. It was buried under a pile of mental and physical mistakes, amid enough turnovers to last a season by an offense that that didn't just cross the line of ineptitude, but blasted past it to the level of embarrassment."
Brian Dohn, Long Beach Press-Telegram

"We just beat UCLA, 31-13, and you guys are going to write how bad we were. We're finding ways to win. I thought we were pretty damn good."
Mike Levenseller, WSU offensive coordinator

"Who's got the ball? At Martin Stadium, it's hard to tell. The answer changes frequently.
Dave Andriesen, Seattle P-I

"On an evening when the best show might've been in the sky -- it's a wonder the officials didn't penalize the earth 15 yards for eclipsing the moon. Washington State running back Jonathan Smith was a lone star who gave the Cougars the saving grace of ground control."
John McGrath, Tacoma News Tribune

"The touchdowns were quick and easy for Washington State, the rest of the game, make that most of the game, was painful and slow for just about everybody involved."
Carter Strickland, Spokesman-Review

"These clubs evidently believed they had nothing to lose except the football -- and they lost that again and again while Washington State hashed out a 31-13 victory that gave the Cougars a half-game lead in the race for the Pac-10 Conference championship." Dale Grummert, Lewiston Morning Tribune

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