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THE HEAD COACH FOR the nation's No.8-ranked team had a busy Sunday, what with a bunch of recruits in town. But <b>Bill Doba</b> took time to make it clear that WSU's win over UCLA, dubbed "ugly" by many, was no such thing. And the Apple Cup is the furthest thing from his mind as he preps for ASU. In addition, there's yet a new injury for multi-hobbled <b>Matt Kegel</b>.

With the recruits in town Sunday, "Haven't had a lot of time to study film but what I have had time to look at...", said Doba.   "Offensively, we did run the football much better.. "I was just happy the way they came off the ball, and the way they stayed on blocks." 

And when the line blocks well, everything else falls into place.  "Jonathan Smith did a great job of finding the little creases, jumping over linemen - He really has played well."

"Its kinda nice to be able to run that ball.." Doba laughed.

Doba mentioned a couple of missed center-quarterback exchanges, "but those are things we can correct (this week).  I thought Josh Swogger came in and did a nice job, made some good checks, made some good reads." 

Speaking on the two interceptions, "He had one bad throw, the other one he was trying to get rid of, and just hung up a little too high."  Still, keeping things in perspective; "But we scored 31 points, 14 of those you've got to credit to the special teams."

Turning to defense and those special teams,  "I thought that was great hustle on Erik Coleman's part.. he came down and stripped the ball.. and Jeremy Bohannon picked it up and went 72 yards."  

"Those are super, super important - two quick touchdowns right before the half, gave us that 28-6 lead," said Doba.

The defense has set some lofty goals this season, and they came through Saturday in grand fashion.  "Another outstanding performance, (on defense).  They gave up a few yards but there were no touchdowns after turnovers - that's one of their goals.. They rose to the occasion each and every time."

Doba made note of two of the many outstanding performances on defense, "Coleman had a great ballgame," and then he proceeded to rattle off some stats; 2 INTs, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery, 3 passes broken up, 10 total tackles; 9 solo and 1 assist.

"Donnie Jackson had a great ballgame,"  (7 solo, 4 assists, 11 total.)  "He's really been playing well the last three weeks, he's really come into his own," said Doba of the MLB.

Matt Kegel was getting an X-Ray (precautionary) Sunday afternoon to rule out the possibility of a fractured clavicle (collarbone).  In all likelihood, its an AC joint sprain.  One more thing to add to his medical resume.

"What they'll do is evaluate him on Wednesday, try and warm him up and see if he can throw and we'll make a determination .. but probably really won't know until game time.  We're going to just assume that Swogger is the starter and Alex Brink will be the backup," said Doba.  More on Kegel later.

In other injury news, "Virgil Williams has a quadriceps bruise, he's still a little bit tender, didn't run today, they'll work on him, hopefully get him back to practice on Wednesday." 

It's a wait and see kind of injury.  "You know, quad muscles are hard to figure, sometimes they come right back and other times if that knot stays in there, you can't be too careful with it.." Doba said. 

However, he was more optimistic than pessimistic on Virgil;  "But I think he'll be back."

TE Cody Boyd (bruised hip), looks to be on his way to recovery, just in time for ASU.  "He ran today, hopefully we can get him back this week, I would think he'd be probable," said coach Doba.

LB Scott Davis has a knee sprain, (MCL), and initial reports are 2-4 weeks. 

But Doba wasn't willing to rule Davis out for ASU, nor for the week after.  "Not until I see him on Tuesday, Wednesday.  It'll probably be a couple weeks, we don't know for sure, we'll see how it comes back.  But he's very doubtful for this weekend."

LB Al Genatone is questionable, but the signs are encouraging.  "Hopefully Genatone will be back, he's going to try and practice Tuesday.  He's got one of those braces for high ankle sprains."  

(The injury is a ‘regular' ankle sprain but Doba said "its acting like a high ankle sprain" in some respects, hence the brace.)

LB Steve Dildine had a slight stinger, Doba said.  But he's ok for this week.  It's nothing like the stinger Mike Shelford experienced.  Oh, the injury still hurts like hell.  But he didn't lose strength and will be good to go against the Sun Devils. 

"Dildine's going to be really good, he's got great burst, good acceleration, and he's a tough kid.  Get a little stronger in the weight room and learn the defense a bit better, and I think he's going to be an outstanding linebacker for us," said Doba.

On starting quarterback Swogger, Doba mentioned both he and coach Timm Rosenbach have the utmost confidence in the redshirt freshman.   "He'll do great.  Not a whole lot affects him." 

"He was our scout team qb a year ago, and those guys are blitzing and flying by him and he just stands in there and smiles and wings that ball.  He's got a great arm.  He'll be ok, we just gotta make sure he protects that ball a bit more."

Further, stats don't tell the story when it came to Swogger's performance against UCLA.  "He escaped a couple of sacks, got the ball down the field, one was dropped and threw a great pass, that was also dropped.  So he had a couple drops in there that could have been great plays," said Doba.

Asked about the Apple Cup, bowl scenarios, etc, Doba's words were measured and with emphasis: "I'm not worried about the Apple Cup.  We've got to guard against that -- We've got to beat Arizona State.  That's our (focus)."

"Everybody in this league can play.  Anybody can beat anybody on any given day." 

With Washington State climbing to No. 8 in both polls, the coach was asked if he was glad East Coast voters saw the score and not the game.  Doba left little doubt what he thinks about apologizing for what some are calling an ugly win; "I'm not ashamed of that game..  I don't give a darn." 

"We won the football game against a team that's played pretty good football and they're a good defense.  I'm not happy with some of the turnovers obviously, but we beat UCLA.  31-13.  Take it any way you want to.  They're a team that's beaten some pretty good folks," said Doba. 

"It says something for the strength of this football team when they can have some turnovers and make mistakes and still be able to beat a UCLA," Doba went on to say. 

Asked about his observations on ASU and any problems they may have had of late, Doba made clear he's focused on the Cougs.  In other words, ‘Lets worry about us'..

"That's what I told the team.  I'm (concerned) about us.  Making sure we get better, we take care of the football -- And play our game."

We're going to end on some quotes from coach Doba on Kegel.  If you want to know how Doba, the coaches, and the team, feel about Matt Kegel - this speaks volumes. 

"I don't know too many quarterbacks that will come to the sideline with their shoulder out of joint, have the doctor reduce it, put it back in and go back out an play.  Then, he took us down for a touchdown (at Stanford).  He missed one series.  He didn't want to miss it but they (doctors) made him, made sure he had strength."

"If he can play without doing further damage (against ASU), then he will play.  But I think he's doubtful.  I don't think we'll have to make that decision (to play Kegel instead of Swogger.)"

"That kid is.. He's the best." 

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