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A COUGAR PLAYER injured and out all season has returned. Sort of. Why Kenny Rogers is indeed The Gambler and what that has to do with the Cougs' game against ASU this weekend. (Nothing. Needed to fill some space.) Plus, something you might not have known about network television vs. cable broadcasts and more - Its all covered in this week's Mailbag.

From: Jim and Diana Anson
I heard that WR Thomas Ostrander had an injury or surgery or something earlier in the season, but now see him back in uniform.  What's his status?

A:  Great question and outstanding eagle eyes.  Ostrander has been out all year with a back injury that required surgery.  He did indeed dress against UCLA.  "He's kind of ‘half back', said Bill Doba on Thursday.  "He's just kind of breaking in.. He had a back surgery, and it takes a little time to (come back from that.)" 

We're hoping to see Thomas take the next step and get some playing time, just as soon as he's ready and healthy enough.

From: Jim and Diana Anson
What are the odds on this weeks Coug game?  My local newspaper used to print the Reno-Tahoe odds each week, but hasn't done so this year.  I don't gamble, just find the Pac Ten odds interesting to peruse.

A:  As of press time, the line had not been set.

Whenever there is a significant injury question during the week, such as if Matt Kegel will start, they hold off as long as possible.  Because the boys on the strip get nervous about setting the line.  (Pretty sure that song was playing overhead in a Kenny Rogers Roaster I unfortunately found myself in down South a few years back.)

If Kegel plays, the line will be higher.  The Cougs will be favored over the Sun Devils, its just a matter of how much. 


Stop the presses! 


Or in our case, ‘Unplug the Pong Machine hooked up to the generator running the Colossus code breaker powering both our Juicer and Wang Laboratories mainframe!' 


The Crimson Seer just informed me that the Cougs have been installed as a 13-point favorite over the Sun Devils.

From: Kevin
Remember reading earlier this season in a Mailbag that Kyle Basler was on pace to set a punting record.  Is he still?

A:  Good memory.  The school record for punting average in a season is held by Jason Hanson, with a 45.4 yard average in 1990. (The team average for that year is 44.78)  


Basler currently has a 43.6 yard average; which if it holds true, would place him in the Top 5 all-time.  He also has nailed 22 of 60 kicks inside the 20-yard line. 


As CF.C reported earlier, Basler was recently named as one of the 10 semifinalists for the Ray Guy Award, which is bestowed upon the nation's best punter. 


He's a good one.  And he's only a sophomore.


From: Jim and Diana Anson
I can't remember a season in which the Cougs were on network TV as often as they've been this year. Four times by my unofficial count and that's not counting the ASU game coming up on ABC.  Is this a record?  The Apple Cup is often, but not always, on TV.  How 'bout this year, any word? 


A:  Looks like an all time high for network television broadcasts.  In ‘02, (4) regular season games were on "network" TV, (which meant ABC.)  Fox Sports Net and TBS picked up two and one more, respectively. 

(Fox Sports Net also regionally televises an edited 3 hour version (which is much improved this season by the way in terms of how the game is edited; Hats off to them), of every Cougar Football game -- all 12 of 'em, on Sunday mornings. 

With the ASU game this weekend, that will make (5) games shown on network television in '03, (NBC and ABC). 

By the way -- although a network broadcast, ABC telecasts are still regional; primarily going to a West Coast audience.  However, the FSN broadcasts are actually national; meaning the Fox Sports Net in your area can choose to broadcast the game at their own discretion.  So potentially, FSN broadcasts can reach a larger audience than the "network" ones.

If you can't make the Apple Cup, in Seattle this year, and you live in Virginia, Florida, Texas, or wherever -- you just might want to give your local Fox Sports Net a ring. 

Or, send them an email, inquiring if they're showing this years WSU-UW matchup; on FSN at 3:30pm local time. 

So, if you can't get a ticket and/or travel to Seattle, you still have options.  You're not necessarily up a tree (top).

And if your local FSN has chosen not to televise the Cougs last regular season game, ask them "Why the hell not!"  But in a polite way, more conducive to getting results, of course.  And should you get a response informing you they won't be showing the Apple Cup, forward it on to the Mailbag.  I'll send Jimmy down to talk to them.

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